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In shelter Cat

Princeton, MN, 55371
Pet name:
Domestic Medium Hair
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Hello! My name is Cyrus and welcome to my very own page all about me!

I am between the ages of 1 and 2 but have lost track of time so I cannot be certain. I am technically a shorthair domestic cat... just dont tell my bushy tail. Before settling in at my foster home, I was a stray picked up by PUPS in Maple Grove.

I arrived at my foster home near the end of August and demonstrated my impressively calm car ride behavior. Youll hear little noise from me on any sort of trip involving automobile travel. Once at my foster home, I was given the VIP treatment with my very own room to wander and relax. They call this experience decompressing which was lovely after my stay at the PUPS shelter.

During this time of decompression, I would allow the male human to join me from time to time. I enjoyed his attention and would request pets by gently patting an arm or leg of his. There were a couple of occasions during the first few days where the attention was overwhelming. I learned that I can become overstimulated in a new environment when given too much attention and can cause minor harm to humans if not given enough time to become comfortable with my surroundings. There were a couple instances where I scratched and/or bit my human companion which required some first aid. I am learning how to play nicely with humans and have made progress. I do not think I would do well in a home with younger children at the current time, however.

My foster home is inhabited by two humans, a resident cat, and two resident dogs. I get along with the dogs well and have never shown aggression towards them. They are fairly cat-savvy and dont bother me whatsoever. The resident cat and I are not as cordial, however. I am extremely playful in my young age and the resident cat is uninterested in the rough play I enjoy to partake in with other cats. I believe I would do well in a home with dogs and possibly another cat depending on their attitude towards a new feline friend.

A majority of my average day is spent outside of my private room following the male human while he works from home. I sleep for most of the day and keep to myself. You usually can find me in a handful of comfy spots that are favorites of mine. I have expressed interest in exploring outside and my foster human has allowed me access to the outside world. I tend to stay around the area of the house, but tend have wandered out of eyesight past bedtime. I always come back from my nights out and usually am ready for breakfast and then a nap. I would do well in a home that allows me to access outside on a regular basis as I can get pretty bored inside otherwise.

Overall, I am a fairly easygoing guy who enjoys doing all the cat things. I do take some time to warmup to people so just be prepared if you are interested in taking me to my forever home. I want to trust humans and need repeated interaction to build this trust. I still use my teeth with humans, but it is more out of play than aggression as long as I trust you. Again, I would prefer a home without small children and think I would do well in a home with dogs. I will need to have access to the outside world to explore and burn off energy.

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