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In shelter Cat

Etobicoke, ON, M8W 2V4
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
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Who remembers our favourite boy, Hulk? Really, who could forget this face? This face is just screaming, “LOVE ME!”. Just take a second to adore his little squishy face and floppy, stubby ears! Oh, Hulk. We just love you! But, let’s try and find your forever home, shall we? Hulk is seven-years-old and has lived quite a life so far. This boy is so friendly. And affectionate. And chill. And cuddly. Well, not in the “pick me up and carry me” way, but in the “let me hang out beside you” way. He loves to follow you around and chirp at you. Hulk will sleep right on your head or pillow every night, softly snoring in your ear. His meow is almost non-existent, but he will chirp or grunt at you instead. He likes belly rubs! Hulk loves to play with mice, balls, and springs. Oh, and he goes nuts for the laser dot or treats! He likes to chill in boxes, bags, and soft beds. He also enjoys settling down to watch some bird TV. Hulk is a bit of a fashionista as well and is always eager to try out the season’s latest fashions. Did we mention the kisses? Hulk loves to give kisses! Hulk has a few medical issues that will definitely not stop you from loving him. He has arthritis and a permanent limp due to a deformed or previously injured toe and weak hips (which does not stop him from playing). He eats only Z/D food from the vet for his sensitive tummy (he’s allergic to fish) and itchy skin (he has seasonal allergies). When he gets itchy, he will sometimes overgroom his skin, so he gets skin spray every few days. Keeping his nails cut short also helps so when he scratches he doesn’t scratch himself. He’s prone to ear infections due to his cauliflower ears, but ear drops every few days helps. Because of his arthritis and deformed toe, it’s best to try and prevent him from jumping too much. Ideally, lower furniture or pet stairs will be helpful. Hulk has a routine of glucosamine, CBD Oil, and skin/coat supplements to help with all of this. Lastly, Hulk is FIV+. But, as we have stated before, FIV+ cats can live long and happy lives, with or without other cats. FIV is only transmitted through deep bites, but you don’t have to worry with Hulk – he’s not going to bite anyone and he hardly has any teeth anyway. Hulk is good with other cats and kids, but we’re not sure about dogs.  

Why so many issues? Hulk lived a rough life outside before he came to us. Hulk showed up on a frigid night at a managed colony with damaged ears, dragging his back end, and could barely stand up. The colony caregiver had never seen him before but knew he needed help. He said it all with his face. Hulk knew he was being helped and walked right into the trap and we have cared for him ever since. 

Hulk is a happy, playful, adorable big boy - who LOVES everyone. Yes, he has some medical issues, but Hulk is just a loving gentle giant who deserves his forever home, with a special family who will love and care for him, just as he is. He has been with us for two years now. As much as we’ll miss him, he’s ready for his home at last.


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