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In shelter Dog

New Orleans, LA, 70119
Pet name:
English Bulldog
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Petey is the sweetest boy! This 1-year old puppy is full of joy, and loves to play with toys and other dogs. He is sweet, affectionate, loving, and playful towards everyone he meets, whether dog or human. He will happily toss a toy around by himself, throwing it up in the air and allowing it to hit him in the face or catch it in his mouth. Petey’s foster brother sometimes gets bratty and greedy over toys, but Petey will generously give the toy to his brother and happily go find another. With his foster human, he’s sweet and affectionate. He loves giving excited kisses and getting belly rubs. He follows his human around adoringly, but is not afraid of being left alone and has no separation anxiety. He is very well-adjusted.

Petey is very good at following directions and comes to you when he’s called. He takes redirection from other dogs very well, too. He gets along great with all of the cats and dogs hes met! He loves playing with his foster brother, but as a senior, his foster brother can’t always keep up. When he lets Petey know with a little growl, Petey respects the old man’s space and immediately walks away. Sometimes, when Petey’s senior foster brother needs a longer break, his foster human will put Petey in his kennel for a while, but Petey doesn’t mind at all. He knows that just means it’s time for everyone to calm down and take a break. Sometimes he whines for attention, but will quickly stop if ignored. Like any puppy, he sometimes chews things he shouldnt, but will stop if told to.

Petey is a uniquely good-natured and special boy with some special needs to match. He was turned in to the shelter as a “stray.” In all likelihood, a breeder dropped him on the street or at the shelter because Petey couldn’t be sold as he suffers from Spina Bifida (a congenital defect in which the spine doesn’t fully form around the spinal cord- which is tragically more common in bulldogs).  The only lingering symptom he has is being somewhat incontinent, which requires frequent trips outside. Because of this, he has to wear a diaper when indoors. But as with everything else, Petey takes this in stride. He never fusses with his diaper and is patient when his foster human is changing it. Petey only has a cute little nub of a tail, which doesnt move at all, making the diapers easier to apply. Although it takes some getting used to, his foster human got accustomed to Petey’s special needs very quickly. Aside from the spina bifida, he is in wonderful health. Many dogs with spina bifida are never able to walk, but Petey has full mobility. He can walk, run, and adventure, just like any other puppy.

Petey is an adorable, sweet, and joyful puppy! His foster human was tempted to keep him forever, but her grumpy little senior insisted on remaining an only child. Petey will need someone with a little extra time and patience due to his diaper and incontinence, but he makes the extra work well worth it! He doesn’t ask for much, only love and affection. He is a very easy puppy to live and to bond with!

An ideal home will provide easy and frequent access outside, and work to understand Petey’s special needs. 

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