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In shelter Dog

Brooklyn, NY, 11221
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Information directly from Juniors previous owner: 
"Junior is a full breed German Shepherd that has been with us since he was a month old. 

He has always lived in a house with a yard.  He is a very loving and playful dog who enjoys belly rubs and head scratches, especially behind his ears.

He was home trained to obey basic commands such as: sit, jump, lay down, outside, inside, get up. Up, down, stay, no, good boy

Since he is inside for most of the day, he uses wee wee pads that are placed on top of a rubber-backed mat to use until someone is home.  Otherwise, he goes to the bathroom in the backyard.  He has never been walked consistently as an adult dog because of his size and strength (he pulls on the leash and manages to slip every single one off his head). However, he taps you with his nose when he needs to go outside to defecate.

He is fed twice daily and although he is on a special diet for his regular foods plus snacks he loves tidbits of central American white cheese, oranges, mandarin, plums, mango, and watermelon occasionally.

He has only been around one dog all his life, a little mixed Chihuahua/Terrier dog that belonged to my mom but who passed away a few years ago.  Not sure how he will react around other dogs big or small.

He has never been around children.

He absolutely does not like cats, squirrels, or raccoons.  Before the issue with his legs, he would chase cats and squirrels he saw in the backyard but since he must be careful with his front legs, I don’t allow him to do that anymore.  There were raccoons living in a couple trees in the backyard and he would raise a racket when they were fighting at night. 

He is afraid of the smell of anything burning and will try to get into a corner away from the stove or scratch the door to be let outside.  He is not a fan of thunder and lightning.
Although he has his own bed, Junior likes to sleep near to me so he is usually on my bedroom floor and will follow me around wherever I go because he does not want to be alone.   

He is a good guard dog; he will also tap you with his nose if he hears unusual noises outside (or inside) and leads you towards the sound (this happens even when I am asleep).  He will alert you by barking if there is someone in the front or back yard and he has keen hearing."
Small Bites Rescue Inc


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