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In shelter Dog

Los Angeles, CA, 90025
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
Coat length:
This is 8 year old Baloo.  However, his foster family calls him Bear as in Winnie-the-Pooh Bear because he is a sweet, loving, lumbering dog.  He is a golden mix, probably some St. Bernard DNA, given his thick coat, droopy yes and super mellow disposition. He also has a slightly blue-tinted tongue, which could mean some Chow DNA, but we’re just guessing. Whatever his gene mix, it’s all laid-back love and gentleness. 

Baloo was picked up off the streets by the Downey animal shelter.  When he was turned over to us, he was very sick with Kennel Cough, Giardia, eye infection, ear infection, flea infestation, horrible smell, dry skin and hair, and extreme obesity at 105 pounds.  He required three baths in the first 2 weeks, and several weeks of pills, drops, ointments, etc.  He was exhausted and pretty much slept the whole time except to potty or eat.  With his better health now, his real personality has emerged and he is ready to go to his forever home.

Baloo loves his daily schedule and will gently remind you if you are late.  He waits for you to wake-up so he can go outside to potty and check the perimeters and tree branches.  Then he eats a diet breakfast, followed by a gentle walk. He can now walk ¾ mile roundtrip, and he knows the exact route, walking on a gentle leader.  After returning home, it’s time for a long stretch of on-and-off napping along-side your feet or in the darkest, coolest spot in the home.  At 3 p.m., Baloo is wide awake and it’s time to play, train, stalk the bunnies, squirrels, lizards and sometimes an owl. Then, he’ll be back inside looking out the front window, waiting for the next family member to return home so he can greet them with his slobbery nuzzles.  In the evening, Baloo gets another diet dinner, another short walk and a couple treats just before bedtime.  Baloo is comfortable sleeping on the floor of your bedroom, closet, bathroom or even downstairs by himself.

Baloo is smart and he is learning English right now.  He knows the name Bear and he will come when called. He prefers to lie down rather than sit. He doesn’t jump on furniture, beg, counter-surf, or get into trash.  He knows who in the family is good for belly-rubs, brushing, ear scratches, and tidbits from the dinner plate.  Baloo is so gentle you could put your whole hand into his mouth to administer medicine (yes, it’s that big).  Did we mention that his feet are huge??  Currently, he takes fish oil for his skin and coat, but we just pop those into his bowl with his food and they disappear.

I, Baloo, prefer a laid-back, mellow, low activity home with people who want a constant companion. You should be routine oriented, as I will remind you when it’s “that time”.  I do like my walks and a short time in the back yard with my family nearby. I don’t like to be alone back there, you know! But I really do LOVE the trees and grass and hills and critter-watching!   I’ve had my allergies ignored for a long time and would love a family that is willing to help me figure out the best course of action (medication or diet or avoidance of potential triggers) Right now, I’m doing really well except for the morning-eye gook.  I tolerate my weekly ear cleaning (thanks to my Foster Mom!) They’re squeaky clean, but still make me look like a Teddy Bear.  I am willing to learn new commands, but only if you offer me yummy treats. I’m kinda laid-back that way, you know.  If you are looking for a big, energetic, agility dog, look elsewhere.  I prefer to hang out at your feet and watch that competition stuff on TV!  I will be your constant buddy, listen to all your stories and keep you on point with our new routine. I will be well-mannered and gentle when visitors stop by, and I won’t jump on them.  I might sniff them…..Please consider giving me a second chance at a furever, happy life.  

If you’re interested in bringing Baloo home to be your constant companion and give him a second chance at life, please inquire to his Adoption Representative at this email:  Baloo is in rescue with Please visit our website for additional information about our adoption process and requirements.

Adoption Fee:  $500.00

PLEASE NOTE:  We are only able to cover and adopt out to residents of Southern California.
Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue (866) 299-1899


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