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In shelter Dog

Brooklyn Center, MN, 55429
Pet name:
Great Dane
Extra Large
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Hi Hi Hi - my name is Duke. Im a 1-year old great dane. The rescue calls me Theseus but that was a different dog compared to who I am today. In the past I had no manners, I was kind of a bully and I could intimidate people with my size. I came to my 3rd foster expecting to continue my behavior and then I realized that as a GREAT DANE I am still little. MY foster family has LOTS of activity with 2 full grown Danes a Griffon and 4 cats. I realized I was out of control when these people were not intimidated by my rudeness and made it stop.

Thats who I was, but you just have to see who I am now! I am a typical crazy Dane with a few quirks. The perfect family for me is a dominant, patient, calming and has a regimented home. It may sound complicated, but consistency is the biggest way to keep me balanced.

Have you always wanted a GREAT DANE? I am definitely THAT.

 Great Danes lean on everyone. I like to sit on the couch like a person and play with toys. It is even better if I can chew on the toy - on your leg, behind you on the couch or even in your lap.

 Great Danes are startled easily when they are young. EVERYTHING scares us. An empty laundry basket sliding down the steps, something new in my crate, the vacuum and dont even get me started with the vacuum that goes around the room by itself - that FREAKS ME OUT! If you stop what you are doing, tell me I am brave and coax me to inspect the thing I am VERY proud of myself for being brave. Usually it doesnt bother me the next time I see it. This is a Dane trait (how I responded to that fear before is what kept getting me in trouble)

 Exercise - Yes, we get the zoomies and I am no different but I need a LOT of space to zoom but it doesnt take me long to be tuckered out. I would just as soon go lay on the couch for the rest of the day. Here is one of my quirks. I didnt really know how to be a dog before this foster family. I am afraid of LOTS of things outside. Without a person there to tell me its ok and to go POTTY I can become frantic to get back into the house. I forget to goand have had a few overnight accidents before they figured it out. I guess I just like the company when I am going potty. If left alone outside I will either do my best to get INSIDE or find something out there to occupy my time - rip apart bags of yard waste, jump into the garden and lay on the flowers, unravel the hose and take it to the back corner of the lotanything naughtyI am ALL ABOUT IT. 30 to 60 minutes of active play a day is all I really require.

 Danes get cold. We are pretty naked as Dogs go. If you need a sweater, it stands to reason I am getting chilly. On the plus side we arent that bad when we shed. I am no exception. If you brush me once a day that helps keep the hair down.

 Danes also love to lay where it is comfortable - the problem is I am so big, I am comfortable where you are comfortable. When Im left to my own devises I do the puppy thing and start to tear up my bed, toys and even a slipper ( I felt bad about that one) Foster mom thinks I will grow out of it so I am in my Dane sized crate when they cant watch me.

 Danes have a longer maturation period -they arent adults until 2. I am smart as a whip but naughty. I will grow out of it certainly, but while we wait, I can see on top of your counter, on top of your table, stove topeasy and definitely on the desk. Just like a baby, you will have to keep things out of my reachI am over 6 feet standing on my hind legs. Foster mom says she just has to put things all the way away so I dont get bad habit or Fail. I do watch her make a sandwich (very closely) she says "no lips on the counter".

 Danes do not know how big they are and will knock little kids over unintentionally. They are a great companion dog to older children though

 Danes were bred for 400 years to hunt wild boar - Their job was to run down and hold the boar until the huntsman could get there and kill it. Even though that ferociousness has been bred out of us, Mouthing other dogs on the back of the neck mid stride is instinct and can cause other owners to NOT want them to play at the dog parks. Skittish cats dont like it either. I chase the ones who run and DONT chase the ones who turn around and swat at me. The other sentence I have learned is NO CATS. its harder than you might think they are fun to chase.

 Great Danes are stubborn. You will have to be patient. They are also strong-willed and independent minded. Extremely loyal and LOVE their owners. The key to my total turn around has been patient and positive reinforcement.

I am looking for the perfect family. Would you like to meet me?

Adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, alter, prepaid microchip, dewormed, Rabies vaccine, DAPP vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, 4DX

, flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee: $650.00
No Dog Left Behind Rescue (612) 354-6352


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