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Storm in TN - Perfect Indoor Companion!   

In shelter Dog

Mosheim, TN, 37818
Pet name:
Storm in TN - Perfect Indoor Companion!
Great Pyrenees
White / Cream
Extra Large
Coat length:
This very handsome Pyrenees mix is Storm and he is looking for a great home of his own! Storm came to rescue from a very crowded Animal Control. He was dropped off with 2 other large dogs as his owner fell on hard times, stating he was no longer able to care for them. So we were able to find out a bit about his life before he came to rescue. Storm and his owner moved from New Mexico to TN. He has lived indoors and does great inside. He is very well-mannered, house trained, doesn’t require crating, has always had free rein inside the home, doesn’t bark inside unless he needs to go out to the bathroom, or he hears something or someone. Storm is thin and will need to gain about 25 pounds. He is a very tall and very long boy, 3’9” tall, 4’0 long. He is doing great now and eating well. His foster mom says hes very skinny and his bones show so she keeps food available all the time so he can eat whenever he’s hungry. Storm prefers female dogs to play with and to find comfort. He does not like bossy dogs and prefers a laid back female for a companion. He does best with slow introduction and time when introducing him to new places, people or dogs. He will chase cats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits or squirrels. Storm is very laid back and likes to watch you. He is very smart. He can open a gate if it’s a lift latch so a secure fence (at least 6 feet) and gate are a must. Storm rides well in the car and listens great. He likes to walk and he walks well on a lead, but pulls a little sometimes. He’s very loving, gives you respect and wants respect in return. He likes playing outside but hates the cold (in hot weather he appreciates the air conditioning very much :) Storm doesn’t mind being brushed or bathed in your home but does not like going to the groomers. Thankfully he has a shorter coat that is easy to brush. Let him air dry and use an Emory board on his nails and he does fine. Storm prefers a quiet home and likes going outside but not staying outside for too long. He most certainly is an inside dog and an all-around great one! To foster Storm please fill out our form at

NYS Registered Rescue # RR102
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Secure VISIBLE fencing is required; invisible fencing WILL NOT contain this breed. 

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