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Vaughn- adoption pending   

In shelter Dog

Tampa, FL, 33626
Pet name:
Vaughn- adoption pending
Great Pyrenees
Extra Large
Two months of healing has changed this dog in more ways than we can count.

Two months ago, he was on the brink of death. He was sleeping 23 hours a day, could barely walk / stand for any length of time, was skin and bones and covered in open, painful sores. We truly saved him in the nick of time

Now, hes put on significant healthy weight, still sleeps a lot but can run and play and explore a yard without falling over. His skin is dramatically improved, hes growing his hair back, hes getting more solid by the day!

Vaughn is no longer strictly a medical case in need of a quiet place to convalesce. He now needs a foster or foster to adopt home where he can grow emotionally, continue to heal physically, and get all the attention he so desperately craves!

At just over a year old, Vaughn already has so many positives going for him: he is potty trained, non destructive (unless its paper of ANY sort), he knows his name and listens well, hes all-Pyr in his commitment to patrolling and defending his territory (no one is sneaking up on your yard when Vaughn is around!).

Vaughn absolutely adores people - especially teenagers! - and every single person who has spent ANY amount of time with him, has fallen madly in love with him. His squinty eyes when he gets excited are ridiculously endearing. The "Pyr-paw" asking for attention and more pets is irresistible. His contentment to lay with you for every single second youll allow well, hes easy to blame for lazy afternoons, thats for sure!

Vaughn needs a yard
Vaughn needs a family to dote on him
Vaughn would be thrilled to be the only animal in your home so he can have free run of the house and all the attention to try and make up for the first year of life where he had none

Applications for this Great White Pyrenees Pup @

Vaughns adoption will be pending his neuter, he will be up to date on all vaccines, neutered and microchipped. Adoption donation is $400.

Maxx & Me is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue and do not have a shelter. Please allow at least 48 hours for applications to be processed (missing information may slow the process, so please take your time and be thoughtful in your answers). We place dogs based on best home for each dog and not order of applications received. Email us at for updates and questions. Thank you for choosing rescue.


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