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In shelter Dog

Casselman, ON, K0A 1M0
Pet name:
White / Cream
Age: 2 years

Breed: Hound mix

Suitable for Housing: Low to medium traffic household. With yard (fencing strongly recommended) and house. Loves rural environment, but cannot be off-leash without fencing as he will go for a run. 

Kids: Untested. Would need to be older, dog savvy kids who could respect his space and move slowly (15+).

Good with Dogs: Yes. Very nervous of dogs, especially those who move fast and are in his face. Would require a calm, confidant, mature dog who respects his space and will have patience. 

Good with Cats: Yes. Very interested but has not chased. Will slowly follow around and sniff, but not bother. 

House Trained: Yes. Will whine/cry when he needs to go out.

Special Needs: Patience, experience with dogs is a significant plus. Very nervous at vet clinic as well. 

Aggression: None. 

Playful: Somewhat. Still learning how to play, but very curious when other dogs are playing with people. 

Snuggle: Not really. Like to be pet on his own time but not held. 

Commands: No verbal commands (working on stay/come) but great with verbal cues (kissing, snapping) and body language. 

Like Walks: Yes! Likes to go out and take his time to sniff around. Loves to run when on his long leash in fields/open spaces. 

Fears: Anything new. Strangers, loud noises, sudden movements, loud/aggressive dogs. Very timid when he’s unsure of something. 

Unique Traits: Ralph is a bit clumsy and can be a goof. Loves to play in blankets with his people. Very calm and enjoys afternoons at the office. His tail is very expressive and he has the cutest little face (very delicate facial features). 

3 Words to describe his Personality: Sweet, Innocent, Nervous. 

Short Paragraph to describe Ralph:
Ralph is the sweetest pup around! Though he had a tough start, he is so full of love and will blossom into an amazing companion with the right patient, understanding and confidant family. He is extremely nervous of all new people and pets, but is getting more confidant as he gets comfortable and gains trust in his person. He takes a bit of time, but will warm up and come out of his shell once he knows it’s a safe environment. With time and proper guidance, he shows all the potential to lessen his fears and live life to the fullest! Another dog in the family could be beneficial, if they’re the right fit (confidant, kind and patient). 
He uses his crate as a safe-space and place to decompress, so this is strongly recommended to have in his forever home. He loves to nap in the afternoon, and will spend time alone in his crate throughout the day. 
Ralph would love a family that will take him on adventures, and is patient and very loving with him. He is an absolute sweetheart, and needs the family to match! Please note, he is a runner, and cannot be trusted to be off-leash in an open area. He will need a fenced yard to be off-leash!


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