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In shelter Dog

Waterloo, ON, N2L 5H3
Pet name:
Apricot / Beige
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Wiggums (M) is a 5yo Husky X. He is currently living in an apartment with his foster parents.\xa0

Wiggums is house and crate trained. When he first came into care he was quite resistant to going into his crate, but with lots of positive reinforcement and crate games he has learned to love his crate, and will put himself to bed!\xa0

Wiggums loves getting attention from his people! He is a big fluffy love bug, and loves all the pets and is easily manipulated, which is a good thing because he needs a lot of brushing! This big boy sheds a lot! He is happy when strangers visit and just laps up all the attention! He rarely jumps up, but will if new guests encourage it.

Wiggums currently lives with no other pets in an apartment and does well, but he was living in a kennel for a few months while waiting for a foster home to open up, and did fantastic with other dogs! Wiggums often chose to play with other large breed males, and mostly played fairly. Sometimes he needs reminders to leave less intense-playing pups alone as he can be a bit much for them.\xa0

Wiggums still needs work on leash. He does better wearing his transitional slip leash, but does need lots of reinforcement to stay beside his people, and pulls heavily without it. He can get excited when seeing other dogs on leash and want to pull over to them and still needs reminders to focus on his people. If allowed to approach other dogs, Wiggums can come into their space fast and wants to play. In the kennel he was sometimes barrier reactive to dogs he has not met and/or smaller dogs, but outside with his play group he was generally a respectful and fair player. He would do best with other confident and happy go lucky canine friends, as he isnt always respectful to leave sensitive dogs alone or respect dogs looking for a break.

Wiggums was briefly introduced to a cat and was too overstimulated by being in a new environment to really notice the cat. He sniffed the cat briefly and turned his attention back to the counter. He could live with a dog-savvy cat if his future owners were ready to put in lots of work to condition what is acceptable behaviour and when to draw the line.\xa0

Wiggums has been gentle and cuddly with everyone he has met, however he would do best in a home with older kids or without kids. While living in the kennel Wiggums did counter surf for food and will resource guard high value treats like wet food or bones. He has not shown issues with resource guarding toys or had any incidents with food in his foster home, and has not really shown any interest in toys, however due to young children not understanding what could be a resource, he would do best without them.\xa0

Wiggums can be a strong willed dog and is easily distracted. He would do best with a confident handler who can be firm but fair. If he thinks he can get away with disobedience or mischief he will try to take advantage of them!

Wiggums came from a northern community with a bit of a different culture, and has never had to do commands or live in a house before. He would do best with an adopter that can put a lot of work into training on leash work, basic obedience, and generally being respectful in public places.\xa0

Here is what his foster parents have to say about him:\xa0

"Wiggums is a very confident, happy guy. He is quite handsome and is generally a sweet dog, if a little aloof and independent. He loves playing with other pups his size and will be the life of the party when it comes to other dogs. Hes a good and gentle dog (and really cute as well)! He loves affection and interaction with his people and will ask you for it.

He is typically very food motivated, but is still not fully used to working with people and will take some patience and a firm handler who will set appropriate boundaries with him. He has shown guarding behaviours around food but has been steadily improving with hand feeding and learning to work for his food. He is aloof with most people but isn’t opposed to some pets and loving here and there! He enjoys praise and a good pet, he just requires more time to form strong bonds than most. Hes still following training, is very engaged and getting better at following commands. He likes going on walks, but will also nap for hours in your home. Really good in an apartment. Oh, and he shed A LOT but hes a husky, its part of the deal!

Overall Wiggums is a good dog who just hasn’t had the chance to learn how to live in a home or work with people and be a well behaved family member. With the right home I suspect he would make great progress and become a lovely family dog!"


-Good with dogs
-Unknown with kids (likely friendly with them, but would do best living in a kid-free home)
-Potential with cats
-Resource guarder: Wiggums will guard high value food items like wet food and bones, but seems to be ok giving up toys
-Crate training needs work resistant to go in at times, good while in his crate -Friendly with people, affectionate, wants to play
-Easily overstimulated and wiggly
-Needs consistent rules and boundaries, can be pushy and manipulative with softer people
- Pulls on leash, learning to walk well on transitional leash. Sensitive to leash pressure but still learning what the expectations are
-No previous training, enjoys training
-Very high food drive
-Enjoys brushing

Wiggums is a goofy and playful boy looking for people that want to go for adventures together and work on his training. He is a sweet and affectionate boy but he can be pushy if he thinks he can get away with it, so he needs someone who can be firm and commit to regular training. Wiggums came with no previous training, but learns quickly and is very food motivated. He LOVES his canine friends and is happy playing and just being around them!

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Taffys Legacy Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation

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