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In shelter Dog

Boise, ID, 83709
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Sting, 1.5 years old, neutered male, Retriever/Terrier mix (best guess), 56  lbs. He is in a foster home in San Antonio, Texas and can transport to an approved adopter. 

Sting and his brother Maverick were seen wandering around a neighborhood for days. A good Samaritan saw them and was able to catch both of them. She cared for them until she found us to help with their vetting and ultimately find their forever homes. 

The main thing to know about Sting is it will take time to earn his trust. He does not try to escape out the front door, but he is nervous outside of the home. When at the vet, he will pace back and forth. 

Sting was the 2nd rescued and seem to have had a harsher past so he doesn’t trust many people (mostly men) but when he’s safe - oh man does he love you. He has learned to accept pets and cuddles. He has learned how to be a house dog and loves to snuggle on the couch with a toy while you watch tv or read. His puppiness is still there and he is very much a goof ball. He is very receptive to correction and has never been aggressive towards humans but has set boundaries with the other dogs in the home. 

Of note, there is a male in the home and he is working on his skepticism with men. 

Sting shares a home with other dogs and gets along great with all of them. He loves to wrestle with the female dogs in the home. He loves his brother, but they will sometimes scuffle- as siblings do. 

He is a moderate energy dog, so he will have spurts of energy and then will crash out for awhile. He is not a big fan of the leash, but is willing to work on it. 

We have no history with cats. When he was rescued there was a feral kitten around and he paid no attention to it. 

We have no history with kids. He is protective when he feels safe, so we think he would be similar to kids. We recommend a home with kids 12 years and older. 

Sting is housebroken and will let you know when he needs to go out. He loves his crate and will sometimes share it with other dogs in the home.  

He tends to eat like he’s starving and always shares with his brother.  He loves toys and doesnt mind sharing and will give a warning growl if he wants to be left alone. He is learning to be gentle with taking treats but sometimes goes for the whole snack and hand. Never a hard bite. He’s very very food motivated and would do best if trained alone so he doesn’t feel like he’s competing for food. 

Sting would love a nice backyard to run with another dog. He doesn’t know fetch but loves to goof off with the other dogs or just go outside for business and come in. Given his history of having another dog around, we think he would do best in a home with a dog. We think this will continue to build his confidence, especially in a new environment. 

He will need to be crated when unsupervised. When he feels anxious, he does find things to chew on. He tends to feel fairly safe in his kennel and is generally quiet. 

Stings foster mom has this to say about him- 

- he is protective of the one he trusts 
- he is shy but so loving 
- he is great with small pups and knows when to calm down 
- he is not a barker unless he is unsure of a noise or a person 

 - He hates the beeps on refrigerators and anything falling. He can get a little spooked 
- he will howl at a “stranger” or if he’s not expecting another person in the home. 
- he doesn’t notice doorbells 
- he loves to tear apart stuffed toys - hard toys are his favorite 
- he loves sleeping under your bed if you let him. 
- he has learned not to jump or counter surf 

He would do great with someone who needs a companion with a moderate active lifestyle but patience with him before he comes out of his shell. He is def not a doggy daycare dog - he will shut down in new places and his favorite place is home with his human. 

If you have the patience and time to commit to this adorable, loving pup, we hope you apply!

*Listed BREED and AGE - We are taking our best guess & recommendations from our veterinarian on age, breed and size when fully grown. We rarely know a dogs exact age nor are we able to tell the true or full breed mix of dogs as our information is limited most of the time. ***

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