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In shelter Dog

Castro Valley, CA, 94546
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
WEIGHT:  26lbs

If you would like to give WUBI a forever home, please go to to fill out an online application with home photos.

Wubi is a sweet and playful boy!  Wubi loves his humans, gentle with children, and good with dogs of all sizes.  He has a good temperament and lots of love to give.  Wubi has been through a rough start in life.  He is shy with people and need a little time to let him adjust.  Wubi loves other dogs and will do well in a home with another dog.  He is doing well in his foster home and ready for his forever home.   Wubi started some leash training and is learning at a good pace.  He is crate-trained and doing well on his housetraining.  He rides well in the car and can wait patiently while his foster mom runs errands.  Wubi is a wonderful puppy and will make a good family dog.

WUBI’s Rescue Story

Poor Wubi was found abandoned in the mountain.  There were no food and shelter.  A kind rescuer was in the area feeding some stray dogs and heard him crying out of starvation.  The kind man has a no kill shelter of over a hundred dogs.  He does not have space for another dog and is very low on funding.  Poor man sleeps in the van with his dogs and make sure they have food.  He could not bear to see Wubi died in the mountain all alone.  

The kind man reached out to an experienced international rescue organization hoping they can help with some of his dogs.  The founder of the rescue organization appreciates all the work he has done and wanted to show some support.  She agreed to take Wubi in and give him a chance in life.

Wubi adjusted once he arrived at the founder’s home.  All her rescued dogs welcomed him to the pack.  He slept through the night peacefully in a warm bed.  The next day, he was playing and really enjoying his new life.  

Wubi had a thorough medical checkup.  He has been neutered, vaccinated, microchip, and passed negative on his blood tests.  Please give Wubi a forever home to grow up safely! 

Please watch WUBI’s YouTube videos below: - Wubi gentle with a boy - Wubi good with a child - Wubi good with a child - Wubi at Doggie Park - Ocean & Wubi walking - Hudley & Wubi walking - Wubi at volunteer’s day - Wubi walking - Wubi no food aggression - Wubi meeting cats - The rescue of Wubi

If you would like to give Wubi a forever home, please go to to fill out an online application with your home photos.  
You can also email your home environment photos to  
Once we received your application, we will get back to you ASAP.  

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Energy Level:  Medium
Ideal home environment:  Both Quiet & Active
Is the dog good with strangers: Friendly
The dog is best with children of what age group?  Any ages
Is the dog good with other dogs?  Yes good with small and big dogs
Is the dog good with cats?  Yes
Good on leash?  Yes
Housetrained?  Yes
Crate-trained? Yes
How is the dog with men?  Friendly
Food aggression with people?  No
Food aggression with dogs?  No
Has the dog bitten anyone?  No

Medical Information:
Vaccination History
Vaccination date:  11/01/2021 & 12/01/2021
Rabies shot: 12/01/2021
Idexx 4-1 Kit Test Result:  negative
Heartworm Test Result: negative
Giardia Test Kit Result:  negative
Deworming Date:  1st day of each month
Heartworm Preventative Date:  1st day of each month
Frontline Date:  1st day of each month


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