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In shelter Dog

Clayton, NC, 27520
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Coat length:
UPDATE: September 8, 2022

Bails can be very lovable, but you have to show him leadership first!  Hes naturally very sensitive and anxious, but he really appreciates verbal commands and is quite a wiz at obedience. Bails is also a joy to walk now and is much less impulsive if he smells something "over there". When hes finished investigating, just hearing the command "Focus" puts him back on your left side, ready to continue the walk. 

Bails loves to work, so he requires an owner who will patiently continue to train and guide him. He doesnt like to be outside of his comfort zone, but thats just what he needs in order to desensitize him to new people and places. During his trips to the local hardware store, his instinct is to run and hide. But he has learned to just sit when he starts feeling overwhelmed.

Even though Bails is still a work in progress, we know that he will continue to blossom with the right person. His love is so worth the work!

Bails is a stunning 75-pound young lab mix who was originally adopted from Red Barn as a puppy two years ago (back then he was Donner, from the Reindeer litter). 

Unfortunately, he didnt get the training and socialization he needed as a puppy and now that he is older and larger hes been returned.  The trainer at Red Barn has been working with him for several weeks and he has definitely made progress but will need an owner who is willing to continue that training. 

Bails can still be a challenge to walk. His sensitive nature causes him to be impulsive. However, he does respond very well to several commands. He loves command training, agility challenges, treadmill workouts, and fetching various toys. It takes him some time to trust new people, but he’s very affectionate and loyal.

Bails has been on field trips to the hardware store and two pet supply stores. He’s learning to go into a Sit when he feels overwhelmed. 

This beautiful, big lab requires a patient, capable owner. A fenced yard is a must as he loves to frolic and is a joy to play with. (Treadmill will be a helpful bonus.)  He is housetrained. He is looking for a home without small kids or cats. He would likely be too much for them.

Bails needs an owner that will continue to socialize him so that he can be calm and comfortable in various situations. He deserves someone who will put the time in to set him up for success as a lifelong pet.


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