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In shelter Dog

Portland, OR, 97218
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Ducati is one of the three stray "brothers of the street" that were named after motorcycle brands. Ducati is a fast, sleek Italian racing bike. Ducati, Benelli and Harley were all hanging out together on the street without parental supervision when they were rescued by a good human and placed into foster homes.

Ducati is a very sweet, intelligent, and eager to please boy. His foster home did some sleuthing, and he appears to resemble a cream golden retriever puppy. He has very faint freckles around his snout, but otherwise is completely white. A little wary of strangers at first, Ducati rapidly becomes your best friend with the application of a string cheese bribe. Ducati wears a permanent smile, which widens into a tongue-lolling grin when you play with him.

His favorite activities include wrassling with his foster brother and the foster homes cat, playing tug-o-war with binkies, fetching tennis balls, shredding toilet paper, and last but not least velcroing himself to his humans. Ducati is a great kisser and loves to be snuggled -- at least until something grabs his attention and he wants to go investigate. A patient, self-possessed cat that isnt afraid to put a rambunctious puppy into his place would be an ideal roommate. Ducati is learning his leash manners, is very nearly house trained, and loves car rides. Being food motivated means Ducati will be easily trained.

Ducatis name was nearly "Bindi," for the pink mark in the middle of his forehead which can be seen in some of his photos. While Ducati was on the street he was either kissed by someone wearing bright pink lipstick, or perhaps was stamped with a pink fluorescent bingo stamp. Either way, the mark remains but is fading with every bath.

Ducati will probably grow into a medium sized dog. He may do best with a busy and affectionate family that prefers outdoor activities and perhaps has another dog to buddy up and learn the ropes of his new home with.

Ducati is fostered in Ajijic, Mexico. He can be adopted locally or in the United States or Canada.

To ensure the well-being of our puppies and travel requirements to the US and Canada, Bone Voyage Dog Rescue requires full vaccination protocol. Due to the varying ages in which we receive puppies, additional time to complete their protocol may be required after an adoption application is submitted.


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