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In shelter Dog

Sheridan, TX, 77475
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Brown / Chocolate

My name is Weeble.

Im a Labraweimaranador.  Hehehehe

My mommy was was brought to Lucies Project in March 2018 with her tummy full of me and my brothers and sisters.  She was very sick and malnourished Im told.  :(  Someone must have just dumped her, I dont know, but the great peeps here at Lucies came and picked her up at a church.  The pastor could not keep her, but knew that Lucies could help.  What a nice pastor....  Anyway, my Mommy was just there looking for help with her burden. 

Within hours of being here, Mommy began giving birth to us, all 11 of us!  We were wonderful colors of silver, black and yellow.  Unfortunately within a few hours, 7 of my siblings went over the rainbow bridge.  (Sniff, sniff)

That left 2 silvers, 1 black/brown and one little yellow girl, my sissy.  I was the black/brown one. but now I am a chocolate color.  While I was outgoing, happy and healthy like my siblings, I was unsteady on my limbs and seemed to jerk and wobble.  Heck, I didnt know, I was just having fun!  Thats where I got my name Weeble from!  :)

It soon became time for my mommy to find a new forever home in Canada.   My other siblings also have found other loving families across the big ole USA.

Now its just me here.  My doc feels like the base of my brain did not properly develop, which makes me weeble and wobble because of my difficulty with balance.  Im just like any other doggie, except I walk like a Tennessee Trotter!  I wobble and shake when I try to be still.  

I like to listen to the peeps here when they give me direction and teach me stuff.  I love to learn new things!  I am crate trained by the way.  :)  I have such a sweet, loving, and outgoing personality, adore kids and have a tremendous zest for life.  Im a survivor after all!!

I am extremely special to my friends at Lucies, and will require a very special family that can overlook my wobblyness.  Do you think that could be you?

*** We strive to ensure our dogs are going to a safe, loving and caring home. Phone interviews are required for all adoptions****


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