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In shelter Rabbit

Bradenton, FL, 34209
Pet name:
3 Months old 
Kevin lives with his brothers Rascal, Nutmeg and Sunny
Males, DOB 01/17/22
Neutered: YES
Litterbox: Yes, training in process
Quite small, about 3 lbs when grown
Length, 8-10 inches long.  
Long ears for their size (2-3 inches)
Lifespan: 8 - 12 years
Fostered in Sarasota, FL
If interested in adopting you MUST FILL OUT the online APPLICATION first:

These lionhead mix bunnies are not only cute and perky, they are very good-natured, very tolerant and as such, they make wonderful pets. They also tend to be well-mannered, friendly, and easily trained. (You can have them free roam in your house like a cat). 

To satisfy the their social needs, its ideal to keep more than one rabbit, they can quickly become depressed or act out if they are too lonely.

Smart โ€“ Lionhead mix  rabbits are smart, so they need plenty of stimulation and enrichment.

These are indoor rabbits only due to the heat, predators, etc. These rabbits can become overheated if temperatures exceed 70 degrees.

Scared Easily โ€“ Although good-natured, they can become frightened very easily. So, they should be handled carefully, and stress should be kept to a minimum. These rabbits arenโ€™t suitable for families with very young children.  Also they are small and very fragile, one excitable hug from a loving child or a accidental drop can very easily break their backs.
Helpful video: Are rabbits a good pet for a child?

** If interested in adopting you MUST FILL OUT the online APPLICATION first: 
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