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In shelter Rabbit

Dallas, PA, 18612
Pet name:
Lop Eared
Poor Toby was dropped off at Blue Chip over Labor Day weekend by his cruel breeder who only brought him in because he was in horrific condition and needed emergency vetting. This seems to be a theme at local rescues lately. Rescues do not have surplus funds to take on peoples vetting expenses. It is a gross misuse and abuse of rescues to dump your vetting responsibilities on them! Rescues struggle so much for funds and rely on the generosity of donors. Our little Rabbitat is also highly funded by our volunteers and fosters themselves! THERE IS NO EXTRA FUNDS!!!

None the less, we of course took in this poor neglected soul - as we always do. We will pray the funds come in to provide for his needs. In the meantime, we will love him and care for him as he so desperately needs. We will take your neglected and abused bunny and love him like he is our own. He will never again know the cruelty of mankind nor be used to line your pockets. He will come to see hoomans as kind and good and loving and trustworthy. He will be healthy and happy. We promise him a better life. This special boy needs a home that will help us keep this promise. Perhaps his loving furever home may be with you!

Toby had to have emergency neuter surgery. We gave him extra time to recouperate medically and emotionally from his ordeal before we made him available for adoption. He has not yet found his bond-bun, so he is available for Meet n Greets to see if your bunny might be a bunderful match.

* Indoor Home Only *

Bunnies live an average of 8-10 years, but could live up to 16 or even longer! While they do enjoy gentle pets and head rubs, bunnies generally do not like to be picked up or held as they are prey animals and it can be very scary for them. They also need lots of space to move around, run, binky and play - so no small hutches nor cages. They are social animals who want to be with you and should be accepted as part of the family. They also thrive best in bonded pairs, especially during the hours you are otherwise occupied. They need regular vet appointments just like a dog or cat and should be vaccinated against RHDV2 as soon as its available in our area. Please do your research before adding any pet to your family. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before and after adoption, as well as assist in helping you decide if a pair of bunnies is right for you.


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