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Spring, TX, 77386
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Our adoption application is at the bottom of this pets bio. Once your application has been approved, we will set up a meet & greet with you and Ziggy! 

Ziggy is currently in a foster home in Houston, TX and is eligible for meet & greets! 

Meet Ziggy!

This big lovebug is estimated to be around 5 -6 years old (our vet & the shelters best estimate)  and weighs about 98 lbs. Ziggy is a mastiff mix.  He came into the shelter as a stray and quickly landed himself on the euthanasia list. One look at his sweet face and we knew we had to save him. Ziggy is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped & ready to find his forever family!

Ziggy is so goofy, playful, fun and EXTREMELY loving! Please dont let his size fool or intimidate you, because Ziggy is a big LOVEBUG! When he gets excited he loves to "bunny hop" and try to play with you or crawl into your lap for snuggles. Ziggy has had 2 different fosters while in Houston and they both agree, whoever ends up with Ziggy is going to be getting an amazing dog.

Despite his size, Ziggy is so gentle and takes treats softly from your hand. He really is the sweetest boy. 

Ziggy is a little quirky when it comes to other dogs. Hes more scared of them than anything. In his current foster home he LOVES to play with one of the resident dogs. He will match the energy that the other dog gives off when they initially meet. Ziggy will do best with a laid back, calm, female dog. Another dog in the home is not necessary- Ziggy would do well as the only pet in the home as well. Ziggy has not met any cats yet, so we are not sure how he would do with a cat in the home. 

Ziggy walks great on a leash! He will stay right by your side. Ziggy is protective of his people and will "Roo" if another dog gets too close to him on a walk or if someone sneaks up on you while out on a walk. What is a Roo? Its ziggys version of a howl :) He sounds like hes going "ROOOO ROOO ROOO!". Its quite adorable!!

Ziggy is fully potty trained and does not have accidents inside the house. Ziggy is not  a huge fan of the kennel, but he does amazing if left to free roam. He LOVES snuggling in bed with you, but will also sleep on a dog bed or the couch through the night.

Lastly, and this will be a bit of a long story, but please read.

A year ago Ziggy lived in  foster home with a man and a woman. He did GREAT with both of them and loved them both so much. He was co-fostered by a woman and her boyfriend and he did great with both of them as well. He transported to an adopter in Canada (man, woman & adult son). He began having reactivity towards the adult son and then towards the husband. This family consulted a trainer who essentially told them that whenever ziggy reacts to them (barks, growls) to give him a treat. They were rewarding this behavior. Of course the reactivity continued and Ziggy came back to his original foster home in TX. 

Ziggy LOVED his original foster dad before and he loves him now. We did put Ziggy through a training program with a male trainer and he did really well and learned a lot. After the training program we got him into a different foster home to see how he did with a new man. He did really well for a little while, but then he began having reactivity towards him. When we say reactivity, he would bark, growl & lunge. He has NEVER bitten anyone. So, it was back to his original foster family that he went. 

We STRONGLY believe that Ziggy can live with a man, but you will have to be patient with him and willing to work with him. We will set up a trainer in your area and pay for the first few sessions with you, Ziggy and the trainer. 

Ziggy was exposed to children when he went through the board and train program and he did well, but he has never lived with them. 

Ziggy is SO special to us and we want the absolute best for him. He is truly the sweetest dog and we hope you can see past his quirks like we have. 

Interested in learning more about Ziggy or applying to adopt him? Fill out an adoption application below!

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