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Holmes (aka Kai) (Has Application)   

In shelter Dog

Washington, DC, 20008
Pet name:
Holmes (aka Kai) (Has Application)
Mixed Breed
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Name: Holmes
Suspected Breed(s): Mixed Breed
Gender: Male
Age: 11 months old
Weight: 54lbs
Personality: Smart, loyal, goofy/funny, outgoing, affectionate, rambunctious, playful, eager-to-please, energetic and food-motivated.
Observations with Dogs: Holmes is a fan of other dogs, and he is a popular guy at the dog park.
Observations with Cats: Holmes does well with the resident cat in his foster home hes curious but takes direction well about whether to approach. He eventually figured out that bringing balls to the cat tree did not mean the cat would agree to play. 
Observations with Kids: Holmes is good with children he meets while out on walks but may be a little too exuberant for young children in the home, as he loves to play and doesnt understand his size just yet.
House Training Progress: No recent accidents. 
Crate Training Progress: Holmes is doing great with crate training hes crated overnight and can be in his crate for 2-3 hours at a time during the day. Sometimes hell hang out in his crate when theres nothing more exciting happening around him!
Location: DC area foster
Rescued From: Smyth County, VA
Additional Information: Holmes is a bundle of love in the form of a puppy! This velvety, sweet, gentle ball of fluff shadow will gladly be your right-hand man, and maybe even get some pets or treats while hes at it! Holmes is full of curiosity and is eager to learn. Like another great Holmes (Sherlock), this darling dog is extremely clever. This smart boy already knows sit, down, go to bed, and even lets his foster family know when he needs to go outside for the bathroom! Holmes is ready to learn even more, and as a foodie, cant wait for more tricks and treats! He especially loves a kong filled with peanut butter (yum) and similar enrichment toys.

Holmes is a very playful guy who embodies the good vibes only happy puppy energy! This goofball LOVES to play fetch, and especially enjoys a game of tug-of-war. Holmes is always ready to grab a toy and keep playing and likes to ask for belly rubs after a good play session. Apart from playtime at the house, Holmes also enjoys long walks and would be a great hiking companion or running companion as he knows how to keep it moving. Holmes does great when meeting other people and dogs, and especially enjoys running around in circles with his friends at the dog park. Holmes also knows when its time to relax and even takes naps in his crate all on his own. This sweet boy is a great cuddler who will gladly snuggle up to you on the couch while you watch TV or work! Holmes is looking for a home with someone who has time to play, exercise, and provide mental stimulation, as well as some help with training for walks. Apply today to meet Holmes!


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