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Skye w/Star   

In shelter Bird

San Francisco, CA, 94124
Pet name:
Skye w/Star
UPDATE 3/3/22: After four very happy years as pet house pigeons, beautiful, gentle Skye & his sweet wife Star (formerly named Guiseppe & Hercules) were returned to Palomacy due to their adopters health. They have cheerfully adapted to the change (as pigeons do), are available for adoption & are fostered in the Palomacy aviary in Kibbles n Gifts pet supply store in Half Moon Bay. You can visit them there!

UPDATE 3/14/2018 Today Hercules married sweet Guiseppe!! They are happily honeymooning. Anyone would be lucky to adopt this pair. Hercules is shy, but very sweet, and Guiseppe loves people and enjoys spending time being in your hand, on your shoulder, and sometimes on your head! This pair would do well as house pets with a lot of out of cage time, or in an aviary outside with lots of human contact. 

Hercules was brought into a local wildlife rescue because she was following people around. The people thought she was a super-sized wild pigeon and had no idea that domestic pigeons could have such naturally good looks as she does! While being rehabilitated, Hercules displayed a unique maternal relationship with a group of orphaned wild doves. This big mama raised a large flock of babies, teaching them to forage and defending them from what she believed were potential threats. She was released with her adopted babies miles away but a few days later she was sitting on the step of the rescue waiting for more human attention and another flock to care for. A wildlife center with raccoons and bobcats is no place for a domestic pigeon. Hercules needs a safe, loving home, where she can share her big heart and nurture all the flock mates around her.Please apply to adopt


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