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In shelter Dog

Batavia, OH, 45103
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
We must talk about Pablo, o, o, o 
 We should talk about Pablo, so 

Lets talk about Pablo!
Hes been waiting for the day, his adoption day, for such a long time! Pablo walks in with a slobbery grin - kisses! Hes so handsome! Are you in love yet? You will be soon! 

Wondering why hes still here? Subarachnoid Diverticulum. This sweetheart needs some extra love and attention! Someone with lots of patience. To forever care for this sweetheart!

Yeah, depth perception caused poor Pablo to strutting and stumbling. It is kinda cute how he is always prancing and playful. I associate him with a kind and loving soul, bow wow wow!
Its a hard task with a dog so special, hes always missing out on a family thats perfect. Grappling with issues that hide this canines sweet side, do you understand?

This boy is 62 pounds, tint chocolate black. When given a chance, gives so much love back! Yeah, he destroys squeakys and pulls out the fuff. Loves his toys!

He likes being next to you on the couch and bed. He is just like any dog happy and jumping around. He said that his breed is misunderstood, that is totally true! Hey Pablo! Thinks hes a lapdog snuggler extraordinaire!

Come on and meet him today! 

We told him that the life of his dreams would be promised, and someday be his. He told us he was willing to wait; looking for the right fit, right time. He told us he longs for his people, to love and call his own. Best friends forever! 

Um, Pablo. Yeah, about that Pablo. We really need to find fam for Pablo! Fur-ever home, single pet best, housebroken too!

Hey dog, chin up they are coming for you. They got to be coming now, hes ready for love right now! 

Hes here! Waiting for you! Lets talk about Pablo, why not talk more about Pablo? Were all rooting for Pablo! 
 Come to the League to meet with Pablo!
League for Animal Welfare (513) 735-2299


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