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In shelter Dog

Darlington, SC, 29532
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
This beautiful, sweet, and gentle boy here is Tabor. Tabor came from a hard medical past and is now healthy and thriving as he looks forward to his future with his very own people! 
Tabors foster family has learned a lot about him and therefore have a lot to share. 
Tabor is such a loving boy and has so much love he wants to share with his people. We cannot put into words how special Tabor is; youll just have to meet him to know! Tabors foster family has fallen in love with him and knows tears will be shed when its finally Tabors turn to leave the shelter behind him and go home with his furever family. 
Tabor is about 6 years old and is the epitome of mans best friend. He is very loyal and listens very well. He will need a home where he can be inside with his people and be let out to use the bathroom and play (he can use the doggy door). 
Tabor is trusted to be loose in his fosters home and doesnt need a kennel. He will lay down and sleep just fine with a doggie bed out in the open or even in a little nook of the house. He has been working on kennel training and does very well once he trusts his people to let him out whenever he goes in. So far, he can be in the kennel for about 4 hours while were running errands. If youre in the room with him then theres no problem since he can see you and knows hes safe. Although hed rather lay his head on your lap!
Patience while kennel training will be required as the kennel can cause too much stress on his body which was a problem with his medical past.
Tabor goes to work during the day with his foster dad and he hangs out with the other employees and other dogs. He loves jumping in the car and going to work. It means more time with his people. 
He will need someone who will be patient and laugh with him when they learn that he has figured out how to open doors when his family is on the other side of it. He even figured out how to open one of the baby gates when we told him he wasnt allowed to jump over it. Technically he didnt break the rule! 
He follows his people around everywhere in the house. Hes very gentle but will sometimes walk right on your feet. 
Tabor is exclusively eating Purina One brand dog food and he has 1.5 cups of dry food with 0.5 can of the Tender Cut wet food 2 times a day. He also loves to have a treat once every other day! (We know this diet works to keep him healthy and prevent history from repeating.) Tabor needs someone who understands his past medical history and will be attentive to ensuring it doesnt happen again.
Tabor would do best in home without cats but is GREAT with dogs and wants to meet everyone. Tabor is a wonderful dog, the best boy, and a loving companion. He deserves a wonderful home to live the rest of his best days.


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