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In shelter Dog

Grants Pass, OR, 97528
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Bonjour! My name is Gaston. No, Im not a brute who wants to kill the Beast, but rather am a dashingly good-looking, charismatic boy who is looking for that special someone. Im 3 years old a presumed pit -shepherd mix weighing about 70lbs. Im a quiet, easygoing fella with wonderful manners. I love to make new friends--both canine and human! Im the newest member of the Heartworm Heroes club and am undergoing treatment for heartworm. Dont worry, that wont hold me back from being ready to become your loyal companion! Im ready to go home with someone who can make sure I get my meds and make it to my vet appointments. Shelter Friends - Josephine County Oregon is sponsoring the cost of my heartworm treatment, so all I need is some support at home to get my through this little speedbump. My adoption fee is $125. If you are a Veteran with government issued Id the fee is $62.50

Making Application for a Heartworm Hero dog. 

Why we treat heartworm dogs? Historically, dogs in shelters across the country euthanize dogs with heartworm for 2 main reasons: 1) cost, which can be $800 to $2000 to treat. 2) space restrictions to house dogs with heartworm. The dogs that have been accepted into this program have been identified as adoptable pets,- but for heartworm. We are excited that the dog you are considering for adoption has been accepted into this innovative program.

If  you make application  to adopt a dog that has been diagnosed with heartworm from the Josephine County Animal Shelter you should be well prepared to follow treatment outlined by the veterinarian assigned to your pet and funded by Shelter Friends.  We will consider your veterinarian on a case by case bases.  Additionally, that you will agree to a home visit by one of our Heartworm Team Designates. Further, that upon Adoption you agree to work with your designate during the course of treatment.  We have had a 100% success rate for our benefactors of the Heartworm Heroes Program, because of the strict adherence to protocol set forth for his/her treatment plan. Our hope is that your pet continues this success and lives a normal healthy life as your companion.

Please inquire about this program at the Josephine County Animal Shelter. 1420 Brookside Blvd. Merlin Or 541 474-5458. Hours to the public Monday through Saturday 10 am - 4pm Alternate contact:


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