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In shelter Dog

Grand Bay, AL, 36541
Pet name:

Dash is a handsome and charming young fellow with a very playful, loving and affectionate nature. Hes just over a year old with lots of puppy energy and roughly 60 lbs. Dash needs a very secured yard where he can have daily activity to run and play! He is also an excellent guard and watch dog! He would love Owners or a family that also enjoys being active with walks, running, or any regular outdoor activity. Dash is a Pointer or Pointer mix so the daily activity for his breed is very important in keeping him a happy and content boy! He also loves his play toys!! 

Dash does well with other dog friendly pups but would do best in a home with no kitties. He is very smart, easily trainable and picks up quickly on routines in his Foster home. He loves being close to humans he trusts and is an excellent cuddle and bedtime buddy. Dash is crate trained and does very well resting in his crate when needed. If youre looking for a fun, devoted and loving companion pet, Dash is your boy!!

All dogs have a $175 adoption fee which includes vet check, age appropriate shots (atleast 2 sets for puppies), dewormer, heartworm test (if over 6 months), rabies (if atleast 16 weeks) and spay/neuter! Puppies will be altered before adoption. All rescues and shelters practice pediatric spay and neuter. This is essential in our rescue efforts and it is a policy that we will stick by. All dogs over 8 weeks and 2 pounds will be altered before adoption. There are no exceptions to this rule on all healthy and adoptable dogs. We have researched and discussed in depth with multiple vets everything on pediatric spay and neuter and from a rescue stand point it must be done. Please do not ask for an extension on spay and neutering, it will NOT be granted on a healthy puppy! 

Puppies/Dogs that are not available for adoption due to vetting not being complete can be reserved with an approved application and a non refundable $50 deposit. This deposit is applied to your adoption fee and the remaining $125 is due at pick up.

Wags and Whiskers is an all-volunteer rescue. We also have full-time jobs and Families. We will try to answer all questions and applications in a timely manner. Please be patient and bear with us . Do not contact Parkway Animal Hospital as they are a vet clinic and can not answer questions on behalf of Wags and Whiskers. All questions and comments must go directly through the rescue. Thank you for your understanding.



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