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Mr, Pink *located in SoCal   

In shelter Barnyard

Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523
Pet name:
Mr, Pink *located in SoCal
Pot Bellied
Coat length:
Transportation available throughout CA! Must be experienced with temperamental potbellied pigs! 

From current owner: 
We love our baby hes five years old but a jerk. I know its our fault when we got him he was so tiny and he grew into a handsome swine  but all he does is beat up on our dogs. Dogs hes known all his life.  Getting into fights with them regularly and were afraid someone is going to be seriously hurt including us. We have made the difficult decision to try to find somewhere for him. Weve tried training and enrichment for him but hes still being a bully. He rushes the dogs and they get into fights. We understand hes jealous but we dont know what to do. As I said hes a 5 year old neutered. Hes pink with black spots. We get his hooves trimmed every 4 months by a professional and his tusks trimmed as needed. He has birthday parties gives excellent snout kisses.  Loves belly rubs and his ears rubbed. Snores loudly and loves to take photos. We understand his behavioral issues are a result of how weve raised him. Its not his fault but we need to try to find somewhere for him.


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