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In shelter Dog

Washington, DC, 20007
Pet name:
am a puppy, not a meaty sandwich! BURGER NEEDS A FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME!!!!

Come meet BURGER and other great adoptable dogs this Sunday (October 2nd) from 12-3 pm at the Potomac Yard PetSmart in Alexandria (3351 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria VA 22305)!

Name: Burger Best Guess for Breed: Retriever Mix

Best Guess for Age: 5 months as of 9/22 SEX: male

Estimated Weight (puppies weights change quickly!): 35.71 lbs as of 09/18/22

Gets Along With: Most puppies are in the prime of their socialization window and will do well with other dogs, cats and kids so long as they receive patience and proper training.

Currently Living at: DC area foster home.

Check out this video of Burger:

Special Adoption Considerations: Puppies under 6 months of age need to have multiple potty breaks/exercise throughout the day. Potential adopters with a standard 8-hour workday must be willing to make arrangements to meet the needs of their puppy.
Burger is Looking For: Howdy! Im Burger. But dont worry. Im not obsessed with Burgers or anything, and my forever home definitely doesnt need to feed me burgers. Ive never had a burger, if Im going to be honest. Im just a baby puppy after all! Anywho, I dont have many requirements for a forever home. I just really, really want one! Someone to take me on walks and play with me would be so great. A nice soft puppy bed so I can snooze in style would be a nice bonus. Mainly, I just want someone to love and who loves me back. Isnt that what everyone wants?

What My Foster Says About Me: Burger is doing great! Hes a sweet, goofy and curious boy who loves to play with his toys and especially loves a good game of fetch. Hes very food motivated and has already learned how to sit, so I imagine training will continue to prove fairly easy. So far, Burger sleeps quietly in his crate for at least 8 hours and potty training has been awesome. He knows to go right when he reaches the grass and hasnt had an accident in the house so far. Burger also loves outside walks and snuggles on the couch, hes content to do whatever youre doing.

Puppy Vetting Requirements: Lucky Puppies have had their age appropriate vaccines, but may not yet be "fully" vaccinated. It is the adopters responsibility to ensure that the remaining puppy vaccines are given at the appropriate time. Please also keep in mind that, until your puppy is fully vaccinated, they are at greater risk for illness than an adult dog.

Your new puppy will need to work on their house training and will also need to go to obedience school so they can grow into a well-socialized dog!
TO ADOPT: The adoption fee for this dog is $425, which includes the cost of routine vetting and transport from the shelter. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online at

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue does our best to provide accurate information about the dogs we have for adoption. That said, we cannot make any guarantees about age, breed or temperament.

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