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Rowling - Read Description   

In shelter Dog

Alpharetta, GA, 30009
Pet name:
Rowling - Read Description
Saint Bernard
Hi, Im Rowling. Im about 6 1/2-years old (7-14-15) and weigh 69 pounds. I tend to prefer other dogs my size or bigger, who are calm and easy-going and have mostly been around males.

Im still learning to trust humans. Humans were not very nice to me in my previous life, so Im shy around them. Thats why I must have a home with another friendly, confident, loving dog (my size or larger) to help me learn people can be good. My fur-foster brothers, a Golden/Shepherd mix and a Newfie/Great Pyrennes mix give me the confidence I need to hang out with my human family. However, I need a buddy who is easy going, and not going to want me to play. Im not a dog that likes to play. Im a homebody and playing is scary for me. That means I need a dog friend who accepts me just the way I am. But Im not a fan of cats or smaller dogs though.

My foster mom says I need a home where there is more than one person, so I dont get attached to just one...I might become too protective of an only pack member. Im good with kids, older elementary or middle/high school would be best, who are dog-savvy, experienced with larger dogs, and will respect my fears and personal space and not push me out of my comfort zone. I am easily startled by loud noises and movements and it causes me to bark a lot in fear. Im not much of a cuddler, and again, not wanting to play. So if you are looking for a dog to play with kids or other dogs, and cuddle, dress up, or expect lots of affection from, that is not me.

I really am a super-sweet, extremely gentle guy though and Im just looking for a family who will respect that. Ive worked with some of the best trainers over the years but my anxieties from my past, just get the best of me So maybe you can be very patient, loving, and calm with me? I am unsure and scared of leash walks, so a securely fenced yard is something I MUST have. Dog parks, doggie daycare, dog walkers or dog walking services, wouldnt work for me as I dont like all dogs and new people can make me nervous. I also am not at all athletic ( I had heartworms previously) and I have to catch my breath on walks so it isnt my favorite thing. If you like to travel, a pet sitter who can visit me at my home, and let me out in the yard to do my business would be just perfect. I dont do well with even the shortest of car rides, they tend to stress me and my tummy gets really upset.

I am very smart and can give kisses on command when I am feeling confident, if I trust you. You cant help but fall in love with me. Im so adorable! Because I lived outside on a chain, on occasion, I do still have a wet accident inside even though I do consistently potty outside. So be sure to take me out on a schedule and sleeping in my crate, helps me with this.

I love my big crate and sleep in it at night and when my family leaves for work during the day, its my own safe place where I feel safe (it gives me a break from the humans).

I have quickly learned to sit for treats and food, and I am very gentle. I do have allergies, and I am on a prescription diet food that has helped me with this.

My family did a DNA test and I came back a Heinz 57 mix -- that means Im basically an adorable mix of many breeds! Some American Staffordshire Terrier, some Lab, some Boxer, some Cocker Spaniel, and miscellaneous other breeds.

I know my perfect family is out there somewhere, and I sure hope they find me too

Please fill out an application to let my foster mom know if you think you would be a great fit. I need a very special home.

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Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Inc. (877) 404-5874


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