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In shelter Dog

Puyallup, WA, 98373
Pet name:
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Our adoption application can be found at the bottom of this pets bio. Once your application has been approved we can arrange a meet & greet with you and Tacho. 

Tacho is currently in a foster home in Des Moines, WA & is eligible for meet & greets!

Meet Tacho!

Tacho is an incredibly sweet boy! Tacho is estimated to be 1 year - 1 year and 3 months old. He is a shepherd mix. Tacho is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and ready to find a family to call his own! Tacho currently weighs 55 pounds. 

Could Tacho be your perfect match? He is incredibly snuggly and loyal. He is smart and eager to learn
and please. He loves to lay around the house, but can keep up on a 6 mile run or hike. He does great on
car rides and matches energy at the dog park. He loves kids, but herds and plays like a big dog, and would do best in a home with children over 8.

Tacho would do well in a home with another dog. He loves the companionship and has found ways to play with smaller and elderly dogs that is comfortable for them. He does match energy, so if a dog is unfriendly, he responds in kind. He would also do well in a home without a dog companion. 

Tacho has never been in a home with a cat. We will be looking for a home without cats for Tacho. 

Tacho loves kids. He seems to love all people after a few minutes of meeting them. He has a very soft mouth
when taking treats even from small children. He does herd and play like a big dog. I would advise he lives in a home with children 8+. 

Tacho does very well on a leash, and can loose leash walk beside you. He is also a great running partner. He keeps up well, has stamina, and has come a long
way in not reacting to his prey drive when on trail runs. He has been working on not trying to interact (match energy) with other dogs unless invited to, and is doing really well with the training.

Tacho is fully house broken, and can go long stretches when required.

He matches energy with humans too. He happily lays around the house napping most of the day. He enjoys mental stimulation of puzzles, scent tracing/hide-n-seek and chew toys to keep him stimulated during the day. He also seems more than willing to play all day if
given the opportunity. He enjoys catch, but needs a large prickly ball because he hasn’t mastered drop it. He would tug all day if he had a willing partner. He would do well with a balance of home and active time, but is very adaptable.

Tacho prefers company, but he isn’t destructive when left alone, but will whine for a little before settling.
He enjoys the company of another dog, but it is no substitute for his humans. He enjoys being in the yard, but will dig out and whine if left for long periods of time. He willingly goes into his kennel and does well when given toys. 

Some of Tachos strengths: He is very smart and eager to please. He learns behaviors quickly and is very attuned
to his human’s preferences. He is the most snuggly dog I have ever met. He would love a home where he could sleep and lounge on furniture with his people.  He is incredibly flexible in his behavior and matches the energy of the day. He is a great watch dog and will bark when people approach the property.

A few of Tachos quirks; He is very scared of grooming. He is very fearful of water and nail trims.

His vet requires him to have some sedatives before appointments because he growls and is
uncomfortable with check-ups (blood draws and other scary things).

His initial reaction is to bark when someone approaches the home. We welcome this for security reasons, and have not tried to curb the behavior. We have been
working with him on sitting and not jumping up on people when he greets them(both strangers
and families) He is NOT aggressive with new people but can be a little rambunctious and excited for company. He has shown some fear of sticks and canes. The only guest we’ve had him react negatively to had a
cane (He barked at the cane).

He is a very adaptable dog. He would thrive in a home with an owner who has the time to dedicate to training and working on his confidence. He will be a wonderful and loyal dog to someone or a family that can provide
him companionship and consistency.

Interested in learning more about Tacho or adopting him? Fill out an adoption application at our link below!


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