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Hunter & Max   

In shelter Small or Furry

Philadelphia, PA, 19118
Pet name:
Hunter & Max
LAST UPDATE: 8/13/22

Hunter and Max have been with us since February 17th, 2022 and were surrendered due to their owner developing serious allergies that were affecting his day-to-day life.


Hunter: black & white; to the left
Max: black, white & tan; to the right


RELATIONSHIP: These two are assumed to be brothers.

AGES: Their approximate birthday is March 20th, 2020.

PERSONALITIES: Their foster said this (3/9/22): They are still skittish/shy but definitely have gotten better. They take veggies/treats from my hand. They are not shy when they hear a bag crinkle but at least they make happy noises and are not quiet. I can also sit next to the cage and pet them with one finger and that goes for both of the piggies haha. But over all they are doing wonderful and seem to be happy piggies!". Hunter is the more skittish one of the two.


Their owner came to us very disheartened to have to re-home them and had taken great care of them before handing them over. They had severe allergies and werent able to deal with it anymore and wanted them to go to the perfect home. Hunter and Max have been with us for over five months as of 8/13/22 and we have no idea why they havent found a home or gotten any interest!


OWNERSHIP: Potential adopters must be knowledgable of guinea pig care. Previous ownership of guinea pigs is not required. Children must not be the main caretakers or be financially responsible.

CAGE SIZE: These boys requires a MINIMUM of 13 sqft in their cage, regardless of how much time outside the cage they get. This could be a 2x5 C&C cage, or two Midwest Guinea Habitats put together. Of course, bigger is always better, and if you can give them more space then you should!

WATER BOTTLES: They should have at least 2 water bottles filled with fresh, clean water and refilled frequently.
PELLET DISHES: One pellet dish is enough for the two of them.
BEDDING: Safe, clean, cozy, and unscented bedding is a must. We highly recommend fleece liners from GuineaDad.
HIDES: These boys will need at least three adequate hides. While beds are cute, they dont necessarily count as hides. Adequate hides for him and his future buddy should be wooden or cardboard. Tunnels are great, too.
ENRICHMENT: While not entirely necessary, toys are fun for piggies. Toys would be great for them as long as theyre safe and dont contain any harmful ingredients. He does not require time outside the cage if his cage is large enough.


LIKES: dried carrots, carrots, celery, kale, spinach
DISLIKES: unknown

LIKES: dried carrots, carrots, celery, kale, spinach
DISLIKES: unknown


Guinea pigs are adorable and make great pets, however as many small animals often do they require special care. We ask that you do some research about their care before reaching out to us uninformed. Please check out the following link for our personalized LBR Adoption Guide:

For more information, please reach out to us via email!


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