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In shelter Dog

Harvard, IL, 60033
Pet name:
Siberian Husky
White / Cream
Coat length:
Husky Mix
8 year(s) old
50 lbs.
Blue eyes
Brown-Cream fur coat
Possibly good with dogs, not with cats
Good with kids over 10 years old
Normal energy level

Max was returned to rescue after spending over 6 years in a home. Sadly, It took Max several months to transition to rescue life and truthfully, is still adjusting. Max is perhaps our most well-trained and obedient dog at the rescue. He knows all of his commands and has an impeccable “sit” even without a treat.

While in his home, it was reported that he often nipped his adopters. They sought guidance from a trainer once and found it helpful but did not continue with the trainer’s assistance. Max eventually bit again resulting in his return to the shelter. Max had significant neck sensitivity upon arrival suggesting being mishandled by his collar at some point in his life.

Max has made great strides with the help of volunteers. He can be handled all over and is playful with the people he trusts. Max is a phenomenal dog with a scarred past. But this should not stop him from having a beautiful future back in a loving home. Time and patience is key for Max. He will flourish if given the space to do so.

This dog requires an adopter to come out to the rescue three times in order to build up trust and form a bond with this dog before going home. Please talk to your adoption coordinator regarding the behaviors we have been working with this particular dog and the training techniques we have seen improvement with. We will also need the name and number of the trainer you plan on using before they will go home.

Special Training:
Free Spirit Siberian Rescue cannot make any guarantee regarding the outcome of any dog being adopted out to household with cats or small animals. The owner assumes full responsibility for the dog’s behavior and, per the requirement of the adoption contract, will enroll the dog(s) in obedience classes to aid in the process. 

If interested in this adorable canine please begin the adoption process by filling out an adoption application. Visit us on our website at for adoption applications. 

IMPORTANT: You will receive a confirmation email from one of our coordinators once we have received your application. Do NOT attempt to submit multiple times. If you havent received an email from us within 72 hours, please send an email to us at: 

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