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Remi D4615   

In shelter Dog

Fremont, CA, 94537
Pet name:
Remi D4615
Standard Poodle
New rescue sweetie from a shelter. Remi was neglected skinny dirty and matted. His hero foster home gave him a bath and now he feels much better. Remi is missing several teeth. His back and side teeth have heavy tarter and decay. Poor Remi will need severe dental cleaning and extractions soon. Despite all that he has suffered he is very friendly sweet and cuddly. He loves attention and social with foster homes 2 dogs. Remi did well on his first walk today and good on leash. He did well at our vet office and now relaxing at his foster home. Remi also has a mild cold or allergy (reverse sneeze/cough). Probably triggered from all the stress and changes. Remi will get extra TLC healthy fresh foods and rest until he is healthy. More info. to come from his foster home.
9/11/12 vet exam with 2nd vet who aged him 6-8 yrs. Shelter aged him 6 yrs. First vet exam aged him 3-4 yrs. Not sure who is correct. Will confirm after dental. Meanwhile he got antibotic for possible Kennel Cough.
9/17/22 Update: He is very friendly and easy going. He is friendly to adult gentle kids and dogs. He is house broken. Remi is good on leash. He gets along very well with my two little dogs. Remi is very mellow quiet and loves the toys. He is very easy going. Can brush and groom him easily and he is very cooperative. When on walks and he sees cats he seems to ignore them. Foster Home doesnt have cats and we dont know how he would act if a cat ran. His dental and neuter is set for 9/20/22.
9/20/22 update: He had all his vet care. $1360.00 for exam blood test (normal) neuter dental with 6 extractions and ear infection treatment/medications. This vet estimates he might be 10 years old though his body seems younger. From years of neglect and poor diet. As he heals and eats healthy fresh foods he will be healthy and feel younger. Foster home says hes the easiest and most well behaved dog that she has fostered. Great with her dogs and very sweet. Donations are needed and greatly appreciated for Remi. Thank you.
9/29/22 update: Since having his dental with extractions he is now feeling great. Remi is now more active spunky snuggly great with her dogs polite loves his daily walks loves food and very well behaved. Playful now like a puppy. Foster home says he is a PERFECT sweetie!


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