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Friends Puppies- Ross   

In shelter Dog

Cedartown, GA, 30125
Pet name:
Friends Puppies- Ross
Ross is the only one available! 

Meet our Friends Puppies! Introducing Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Monica and Ross. (I bet you hear the theme song in your head right now, dont you?)

If you can still see this post, we are still accepting applications!

These sweet babies were born on 5/30/22 and came into rescue at 6 1/2 weeks. Mom is a small, white, long haired terrier mix. Because she was able to roam the neighborhood, we dont know who the dad is, but suspect he was a small terrier down the road. Whatever the mix is, it made puppies that are 100% adorable! These babies will be small, especially Phoebe and Joey. Not Chandler, hes a chunky little fluff.
Since they will only be about 8 weeks old when they leave for their new homes, no, they will not be potty trained or crate trained (though they will be comfortable in a crate for short periods of time while I clean their kennel). At this age, they will only be able to hold their bladder for a short period of time. They are young enough to be taught to do well with cats, other dogs, and well supervised or dog savvy children. They are a blank slate!

The adoption fee is $400 for each puppy. This includes all vaccines (4 Distemper/Parvo, 2 Lepto, a Rabies, and a Bordetella), appropriate dewormings, microchipping and the spay/neuter surgery when they are old enough (and weigh enough). This adoption fee is due on the day of adoption and unfortunately, due to lack of foster space, we are unable to hold a dog.

When completing your application, choose the Friends Puppies from the drop down menu. A few questions later it will ask if you have a specific dog in mind. If you arent sure yet exactly who you want, you can list more than one (this does increases your chance of being approved).

We will be taking applications this week and will then take the next few days to process all the applications we receive. We will be in touch if we have any questions . Once we have processed the applications, we will reach out to approved adopters to set up a meet and greet. Please know that a meet and greet is simply that, an opportunity for us to meet you and for you to meet the puppy. It is not a guarantee of an approved adoption. We will be in touch by email or by text, so double check both are typed correctly. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we reserve the right to move on to the next applicant. 

A little about our application process...We dont believe in first come first serve. We believe in making the best possible match between puppy and family so that the puppy has a life long, loving home. We do take the time to read every question on every single application. We do this as fast as we can, but this can sometimes take a few days. To make the process faster, please make sure to answer all the questions completely, especially the one about your vets phone number. It also helps if you include your pets names, since thats how some vets look it up, as well as the name the account is under if its different than the name on your application. It might also be a good idea to let your vet know we might be calling, as some clinics wont speak to us unless theyve had permission. We reserve the right to deny any incomplete application.

Hooties Haven takes the responsibility of choosing forever homes for our dogs very seriously and always has the best interest of our dogs at heart. We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason and are not obligated to provide a reason. While this may seem unfair, we would hate to give someone hints about how to lie on an application for another dog.

We also post updates on our Facebook page, so please make sure you have liked our page and are following it so that you will see the updates. You can also go to our page to see other pictures or videos of our dogs.
Hootie's Haven Animal Rescue Inc. (423) 567-4668


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