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Akira 'Sugar Bear'   

In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77006
Pet name:
Akira 'Sugar Bear'
Coat length:
Honey Bear is about 10 years old & 40 pounds.

Found as a stray, and seems to have been possibly neglected and/or mistreated. He was shy and skittish the first month in foster. He was given Doxy twice a day, for 30 days starting Nov. 18th. Started monthly Ivermectin on Dec. 1st. First heartworm shot given Jan. 12th. Follow up shots scheduled for Feb. 14th & 15th. Seems to have a little hearing loss. Has cataract in left eye.

Seems to be ok with being left alone for a while, but has other dogs in same room with him. We are never both out of the house for very long. He would be the happiest to have someone home with him most of the day.

He is very tolerant and calm around other dogs except when he is eating.  He does a low not aggressive growl if another dog gets close while he is eating. He is around our (7) other dogs most of the day. He does not play with other dogs, he is just mellow and wants to chill.

No exposure to cats.

Non-reactive to teenagers and new visitors. Not exposed to young children, but should be fine.

Rarely barks. Whines sometimes if secured in a room and cant join us in another room. No bad behavior.

Personality traits: Settles quickly. Calm and gentle. Same with men and women. Quiet. Non-aggressive. Takes a lot of naps. Loves to have his head and under his jaw petted and scratched. Seems to like being nuzzled with my face and given kisses. Loves treats. Follows us around the house. Loves to be with his humans. Looks up and wags his tail when approached. Jumps slightly if approached and petted from behind where he cant see you.

Loves to run and explore in the back yard, and likes to lay in the grass and watch for squirrels and birds.

Is calm and does well loose in the car. Lays on the car seat and sometimes sits up to look around.

House trained. Has had no accidents inside the house. Will either go the back door and look up, or come to you wherever you are in the house and look up when he needs to go to the bathroom. We let him outside only when he needs or wants to go out. Goes outside 5-6 times a day. Does not try to escape through doors.

Food and treat motivated while meals are being prepared or treats are offered. Will gently take treats from your hand. Gets excited when it is time to eat.

Does not jump on people or furniture. Has some digging and chewing on only one dog bed. When lifted onto the couch, he sits calmy and enjoys being petted.

Feeding him homemade lower protein food with boiled chicken, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, rice and oatmeal. We add low protein dry food to his breakfast to help clean his teeth.

Has started coming when we call or hold out our hand. Will get up and follow us and other dogs.


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