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In shelter Dog

Sheridan, TX, 77475
Pet name:
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn

My name is Ralphie.  My story is tough, but Ill do my best to tell it.

My original owner was a vicious, abusive excuse for a human being.  He owned several dogs, probably for fighting or breeding purposes, who knows.  I just know we were all abused and mistreated.

I was chained on a very small fenced porch.  If someone came out of the door, there was little to no room for me to move out of the way.  Same if someone came in.  I was cramped in a corner every time the gate or door was used.   I was constantly kicked by my owner and his worthless mean friends. It was a miserable existence.

The inconsiderate, cruel owner decided to move.  No telling what happened to the other dogs, they were probably destroyed.  The only reason I wasnt was probably because he thought he could get a few bucks for me.  How awful!!!

Anyway, he must have let me loose eventually because I was roaming the streets.  Someone alerted Lucies Project that I was a mean dog and was just running loose.  They feared myself or possibly someone else could get injured, so they starting asking questions around town about who may own me.  Of course, no one claimed me.

A nice lady and a young girl picked me up and brought me to Lucies.  They took me to the vet and had told him about reports of aggression in me, although they hadnt seen any. The vet tried a few aggression tests, and in the end patted me on the head and walked me on in.

After all that, it was discovered that  I am heartworm positive, but that doesnt mean Im not adoptable!  I am being treated for this.  Lucies will pay up to $400 for a fast heartworm kill treatment.

I am leash and crate trained.

I am very slow to get to know new people and I dont care for most men (rightfully so), although 2 of my volunteer caretakers are men.

I will need time to adjust and get to know my new person. I will need someone who has the time to work with me and care for me.  I have had such a horrible life.   Ultimately, I just want to love and be loved.

*** We strive to ensure our dogs are going to a safe, loving and caring home. Phone interviews are required for all adoptions****


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