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In shelter Cat

Culpeper, VA, 22701
Pet name:
Tabby (Tiger Striped)
Coat length:
These are inside kitties only. We do not adopt single kittens unless there is already an incumbent playful cat owned. Or adopt another from us or another rescue!

Austin and sister, Dallas, came to us at only 2 weeks old and were lovingly bottle-fed and thrived.  They are about 3.5 mos at this time (9/17).  Bro, Austin, is more like the classic underachiever - chill, laid-back, long time student, lives in his parents basement playing video games.  Austin is a Classic Tabby - striped grey/black with an M on his forehead - and always with the sad-sack face (belying his funny and comedic antics).  Dallas is the power house in the duo - she is definitely the career girl with her confident, curious, extroverted personality.  Shell be wearing the power suit with high heels.  Dallas has a FULL agenda, hugely busy, making appointments from the windows to the hidey-holes, toys, and checking on Austin and the dogs.  Whereas Austin, has a much simpler day planned - making room for a lot of me time hangin.  We thought Dallas was a grey tabby when she was tiny - but turns out shes a lovely Torbie (silver tabby with blushes of peach).  Austin has these bold stripe markings with sleepy eyes and chubby cheeks.  Both are super lovey-dovey as they  have only known humans as caretakers at 2 weeks old.  They get kisses.  Very friendly and affectionate.  Playful, love to wrestle with each other, their toys and always enjoy flopping down for a nap.  Fostered with 3 dogs, and get along well!  In many ways their respective names define them well; Dallas is a bright energetic city and Austin is more the laid back musical city.  We would love to see this duo adopted together as theyve only known each other and complement one anothers personality.  Their perfect home is being an integral part of the family, get lots of attention, loves and playtime.  

If you are interested in meeting these kittens please submit an application by clicking this link;

Once submitted, the vet reference you provided will be contacted (if no vet, please provide 3 personal references, may be family and friends if they have a cat that you interact with), and our Director of Adoptions will schedule a phone interview with you. If approved, you will be contacted by our Foster Coordinator for a (virtual) home visit.  If approved, the foster parent is notified to contact you to discuss the kitten(s) and arrange the logistics for a visit. If both parties are committed to moving forward with an adoption, the foster parent is empowered to do same day adoption. Our rescue group does not have a brick and mortar facility, all our animals are home fostered in our foster volunteer’s homes. You will be visiting a private residence. The application does not oblige you to adopt, nor does the visitation; the application gives us more information to help ensure an appropriate, suitable and good match.

Not first come, first served, but the best possible match made.

Our policy is that we always take our animals back should it prove to be a less than perfect match, or if you are unable or unwilling to care for the animal any longer. We just dont want the animal to go back into the system. It is also our policy NOT to adopt to families with intact dogs or cats (unless there is a medical reason for not doing so). This is an effort to educate and support our national spay/neuter efforts to reduce the unwanted pet population. 

We DO adopt to DC residents, parts of Maryland and Virginia. Occasionally we will adopt far from our epi-center, but will request your local humane society to do a home visit for us and act as our safety net.

Thank you for considering an unwanted and abandoned kitty, and being part of the rescue efforts.
Humane Society of Culpeper


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