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In shelter Dog

Golden, CO, 80401
Pet name:
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Baxter’s motto is just three words: “I adore you!” Our handsome eight-year-old boy adds, “Your agenda is my agenda.” He relishes having a paw in all you’re up to whether it’s making spaghetti or mowing the lawn. Baxter is a trim 85 pounds and comes to us from a family who grew tired of him after a few years and left him in a small outdoor pen. 

A very social Lab, Baxter loves being with people and is going for a world record in how long a single dog can be petted as he looks adoringly at you with his soft kind eyes. He knows sit, is a waggy and polite greeter, and enjoys walks with an Easy Walk harness – he is a strong guy on leash!  After being left outside for several years, Baxter looks forward to your patient and kind support as he touches up his house training
His rescuer shared that Baxter enjoys swimming and hanging out on the shore. He also enjoys a good snooze. He gets along well with other dogs but may be a bit excited meeting new friends. Cats and chickens prefer he lives elsewhere. A true Lab, Baxter relishes food and woe to your steak or sandwich left on the kitchen counter. He is very rough taking treats or food from your hand. Our trainer is working with him and will coach his new family on helping him with morsel taking manners.  While he is a very kind and overall gentle Lab, due to the rough way he takes food, he will only be placed with adults or older children.

Baxter will be placed with a special, highly committed family.  “I lived outside in Kansas that has tons of mosquitos. Since my family never started me on heartworm preventative (heartworm is transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes), I ended up as heartworm positive.    I’ll be undergoing treatment, paid for by Safe Harbor and supported by their team, that will last about four months. Now here’s the challenging part: You’ve got to help me with strict exercise restriction and rest as I undergo and recover from treatment.  I’m a pretty mellow guy but will be counting the days ‘ til I’m allowed to safely resume light activity starting after the holidays!”

“So, what do you think?” wags people loving Baxter.  “Do you think we’d make a good team to get me through my treatment? Kind of an unusual way to start our loving life adventure together, but these days, what’s ‘usual’ anyway!”

NOTE: We follow the treatment protocol recommended by the American Heartworm Society.

The terms of Baxter’s  adoption will have specific care requirements for his family that must be met before the adoption is finalized. They included rest and restricted activity.    for several months and several trips to our veterinary provider Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver.
We would be happy to provide references from families who have supported and then adopted heartworm positive dogs from us.
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue (303) 464-7777


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