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Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue

Adoption policy

To make a difference, one husky at a time. Application: The first step for adoption is the application. Filling out the detailed application lets us know which husky would be a good fit for your family. We think all of our dogs are perfect the way they are, but every home is not. This is why they have ended up with us. We are very thorough with this step. The first thing we do, is call you and review your application over the phone. Next, we call the references, so please be prepared. It helps speed the process if you let your vet and references know we will be calling. This step can take up to 1-2 weeks, although we try to get through it sooner. Click here to complete the application online. Home Visit: We will set up a good time with you for one of our volunteers to come meet with you. They interview all the household members, and make sure a Siberian Husky is suited for you. They will also help you understand the breed, and what they need as far as a family. Meet & Greet: After you have been approved for adoption, we can set you up to meet the dogs! You must bring any current pets to make sure they will get along. We have a network of foster homes, so it is preferred that you are willing to drive to meet any specific dog you are interested in. If for any specific reason you are not able to drive, transportation can usually be arraigned through volunteers, by a case by case basis. Minimum Adoption Donation: *Birth through 12 months old – $350 * 13 months to 8 years - $325 * 8 years and up - $275 All dogs are: Spayed or neutered before adoption Evaluated for temperament and trainability Up to date on core vaccinations Heartworm tested and on preventative Micro chipped for identification Before applying, please consider the following: Are all household members in agreement about adopting a Siberian Husky and willing to participate in a home visit? Are your current pets neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and current on heartworm preventative where appropriate? Are you ready to adopt within the next few weeks? Are your vet and personal references aware that they will be receiving a phone call from us? Have you given this a lot of thought, and are prepared to welcome a new family member into your home? Do you have the time and patience for this breed of dog?

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