using Computer vision

Findpet is a FREE pet registry, protected by advanced Computer Vision technology and the largest volunteer community reuniting pets

Our mission Our mission is to return every lost pet back home.

How Findpet works

Generate a lost or found pet flyer

Create a lost or found pet report and generate a lost or found lost pet poster placing it around your neighborhood.

Generate a flyer

Help reuniting lost pets by placing lost and found pet flyers in your neghbourhood

Find a lost or found pet report in you ares, download and print the flyer and place it around in your your neighborhood. This should

Reunite lost pets

Take photo of all your pets

Findpet website and mobile app is designed to easily report your lost or found pet.

Use your smartphone

To report your pets using your smartphone download Findpet mobile apps.

Take at least one frontal photo

Take at least one good frontal photo of the pet with a full face, ears, nose and whiskers in the pho frame. We also recommend taking photos of unique color patterns, birthmarks, tattoos, etc. to help identify the pet.

The pet is identified by our Artificial Intelligence algorithm

Findpet relies on Computer Vision technology to identify and match lost and found pets. This is why it is crucial to take high quality photos of your pets.

Matching similar lost and found pets

Findpet automatically preselects all similar lost and found pets and our volunteer community of pet lovers does the final matching.

Happy reunion

Once the pets are matched and verified, they are reunited. Because pets are family, our furbabies, there’s nothing quite like seeing a family reunited.

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