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Findpet ID

QR code for a fast contact with the owner in case of pet loss. The unique QR code of your pet along with its profile is stored in the Findpet smart pet registry for responsible pet parents. When scanning or taping, it shows more information than a regular pet id tag. It also notifies the owner about the QR code scan location.

FindpetID offers triple protection for your pet:

  1. Free pet microchip registry
  2. Findpet ID tag with QR code
  3. Advanced biometric pet protection tools like nose print identification, full-body pet recognition, including face, front, sides, top, back, and pet’s unique identifying markings, fur and color patterns.

How does a Findpet ID tag work?

Get a QR tag

and register for your pet. Keep your pet's most important information up-to-date.

Order tag
Register my pet

If your pet goes missing

all neighbours and shelters will receive a alerts to be on the lookout.

Finder scans or taps the tag

and visits your pet's report to contact you with location of scanning place and contact information.

Can’t scan the tag?

Finder takes a photo, and Findpet finds your pet by photo showing the match and with a form to contact you.

Still can't identify your pet?

Finder takes the pet to the local vet or shelter to scan for microchip ID and identifies your pet using the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup (Findpet is a participant).

Reunite with your furbaby!

With Findpet's triple protection, finders can contact you immediately, and your pet gets home faster and safe.

Keep your pet protected

Keep your pet’s information up-to-date