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Privacy Policy

Your use of Findpet is subject to Findpet’s Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy as set forth herein, which also governs the Site and informs users of Findpets’s data collection practices.

Findpet does not sell any information you share in your report on the lost and found pet database.

We have deliberately chosen to establish this web site on a basis of trust. No intermediary exists between you and the person who may have found your pet, or the person who is looking for the pet you have found. In the matter of lost pets, time – even just minutes – can make or break a successful recovery.

We partner with volunteer groups that manage your listing and they may contact you to offer their assistance. None of the groups charge a fee for their service. You may also be contacted by shelters, vet clinics or other individuals that may have information about the pet you listed. Your listing will be sent via email to our members in your area. Additionally, your listing may be posted on websites and social media platforms by our partner organizations and by individuals receiving your listing.

You must provide a valid email address so people can get in touch with you and so you can access your report to make changes.

While we strive to ensure the information on the Findpet site is accurate, the accuracy and content is the sole responsibility of the member who has posted it. Our goal is to maintain a friendly cooperative community of people who love pets and want to help others.

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