Sugar Pie   

In shelter Dog

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts...
American Pit Bull Terrier
Brown, Chocolate with White
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Sugar Pie
Good with dogs: Yes, with proper introsGood with cats: UnknownGood with kids: Yes, older childrenCrate trained: YesHouse trained: YesSugar Pie is as sweet as her name suggests! She loves to snuggle and is a great couch potato, needs at least one good belly rub a day, and is very affectionate. She is also super goofy and playful, tosses toys to herself, chases her tail when excited, and thinks it’s hilarious to steal your shoes- she will definitely make you laugh every day!While Sugar Pie is a lovebug, she is very timid in new environments and appears to be slow to warm up to men, so her adopter will need to be very patient with her and give her time to come out of her shell. Her ideal home would be in a quiet neighborhood, since she gets overwhelmed by heavy traffic during walks. However, she has made great strides in adapting to her environment in the city, so moving at her pace is key. She is fully crate trained and will sometimes choose to hang out in her crate when she needs to decompress, so her ideal home will provide space for one. Sugar Pie does well around children, but because she is easily excitable and can get mouthy during play, she would do best with older kids who can help correct her. She will need an adopter who can provide structure and continue training to help her understand boundaries and not become overstimulated by her surroundings. Overall, Sugar Pie has an endless amount of love to give, she just needs an adopter who can help her be her best self!Please Note: All dogs are posted until they are officially adopted. This dog may have other interested adopters in line. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application on our website at  Age:  1 yrWeight: 50 lbs.Please Note: All dogs currently available for adoption are posted on our website. If you cannot find a particular dog on our website, he/she may be on a temporary foster hold. All dogs are otherwise posted until they are officially adopted. This dog may have other interested adopters in line. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application.Questions? Please email  For more photos, or information on upcoming adoption events where you can meet her, please go to or go to our Facebook page. Thank you for your interest in saving a life!


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