Contessa Pupstar   

In shelter Dog

Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minneso...
American Staffordshire Terrier
White with Brown or Chocolate
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Contessa Pupstar
Coat length:
gl=document.createElement('script');gl.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(gl);     Find our applications at Adoption Fee: $425 plus taxMeet Contessa! She thought she was home and then Mom and Dad suddenly became not happy, fighting with each other, and then Dad wasn’t there, and just like most kiddos, this left Contessa feeling confused, unsure and lonely...   When Contessa picks her person, she falls head over heels, loves with all her heart and will be as loyal as the day is long.    The MARS trainer has worked with her to help her understand that just because Mom & Dad aren’t around anymore, that love still exists in the world and she is, and always will be, okay. Through his artwork, he painted her to help the world understand her beauty, her love, and to honor Contessa.    Are you Contessa’s new rock & person to love and depend on?  She’ll be all that and more right back at you! Fill out the adoption application by clicking the button below. Artwork credit: Bennett, MARS Trainer    or     *The pet you are viewing is a rescued pet which is most often from an animal control facility and does not come with a pedigree. The breed(s) listed are our best guess and are in no way guaranteed. Sometimes the pets appear to be a particular breed(s) in the pictures we receive from our rescue partners and when they arrive we are surprised to see an entirely different breed(s) in person!  If you choose to DNA test your adopted pet, test results may vary from company to company and our breed guess may not be reflected in those results as it is just that, our best guess. It is with deep longing that we wish there was a breed called "cute" as we believe all of our dogs would fall under this new breed classification!   // 0; if (!isFosterNeeded) { $("#foster-app-button").hide(); $("#foster-or-span").hide(); } // Hide the "other animal" image size strings.       $.each($("#animalOtherPictures font"), function(index, fontElement) { var children = $(fontElement).children(); $(fontElement).text(""); $(fontElement).append(children); }); }); // ]]> ​   gl=document.createElement('script');gl.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(gl);  


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