Donna Summer   

In shelter Dog

Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, ...
American Staffordshire Terrier
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Donna Summer
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I feel like I can say with confidence A*L*L Mothers have experienced this dichotomy: On the Left, the proud new momma moment. On the Right, the busted can of biscuits moment you pray means it’s over for a hot second     Sweet Donna Summer is living in this second “moment”. She has dutifully nursed 9/10 of her living babies for over a month and she is DONE-ZO with the mommin’ duties. She doesn’t want to nurse. She doesn’t want to clean them. She wants only to share their puppy food and even that recently caused her a tummy ache so what good ARE these demanding rugrats anyway??!!!!   Baby girl, we see you, we hear you, we thank you for your service. You can rest now. Donna needs an IMMEDIATE forever home where she can RELAX, HEAL, DRY UP, and then LIVE HER LIFE as a beloved pet.   She is GREAT GREAT GREAT with kids and would really enjoy a home with them we believe. She can be an only dog or join a family with others as long as they understand she has been surviving by scrounging for her own food and has lived hungry for months (if not her whole life). She doesn’t like to share her food (who can blame her as she was growing and then nursing babies in the double digits?!) She will be a very petite size 35/40 pounds when she’s without her milk ans will likely lose that need to protect her bowl from others once she doesn’t feel starved or like she may never eat again.   Donna is 100% lovable and craves affection, touch, attention, from any source that can provide it. We just feel so deeply for this baby who has never gotten to feel cherished for her own merits. We want her to feel beloved as a pet and she needs that sooner than later.   Donna was in a kill-shelter, pregnant, HW+, and they decided she was a lost cause.  On the day she was set to be euthanized, Maxx&Me leapt to save her and her unborn brood.  This was approx 7 weeks ago.  Since then, she birthed 12 babies (10 living) and has decompressed in a foster home knowing the life she has missed for so long.  She was a wonderful mother but she is just over the exhausting work and ready to move on.  She has begun her slow-kill heartworm treatment (30 days of doxycycline followed by 12-15 months of Advantage Multi - which covers monthly flea and heartworm prevention and costs under $150-200 for a year!) She will easily beat this disease as so so so many have in our care.     Donna needs a home and she wants it NOW!   Applications for Donna   Adoption fee is $300  


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