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Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Brindle with White
Coat length:
Please contact Jamesa (, 713-882-2610 for more information about this pet.Hey, Hey look at Miss Holly and think of how lovely it would be to have a really obedient and calm and quiet yet playful dog in your home.  She can be a really great pal to a dog companion or she can be your confidant/buddy to hang out with you.
Right now she is hanging out if a foster home with a few foster dogs and having fun but her closest friend is her roommate Lilly, a high energy yet playful border collie.  Holly just lets Lilly bounce off the walls and climb on her and whatever Lilly does, Holly graciously tolerates it.
So here is the very good things about Holly; she is quiet, low maintenance, knows how to SIT, very obedient and willing to sit there and listen while you try to teach her other commands.  Holly is very calm, there is no agression in her in any area, she shares her food and water bowl with no problems, she even waits on a snack while the other dogs clammer for their snack.  Holly walks well on a leash, jumps in the car and ready for a car ride with no problems.  She is a good play buddy and a good close and loyal pet to a human offering her love.  She does not require daily walks to modify her behavior and her personality is already super and she adjusts to whatever changes come into her environment.  Holly is a routine type of girl who just sticks with the program.
Holly is 2.2 years old and when you see her in person she has more of a lab look to her that American Staffordshire.  She has a beautiful white chest and she weighs 50 lbs, she has reached her adult height and weight.  
Everyone is Holly's friend, men, women and kids of all ages.
Now to list the bad about Holly:  NOTHING is bad about her but maybe she may look a little mean on her pictures but she is really a very happy girl and she would love a home to call her own.
Her medical records will come with her at the time of adoption.
We transport across the United States.  
Roxxy's K-9 Rescue does not have a shelter, all of our dogs are raised in foster homes.  Each dog comes  spay/neutered (fixed), rabies shots appropriate for their age, and dewormed twice.  The dogs are up to date on vaccinations according to their age at the time of adoption.  They are microchipped, heartworm tested and on monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventative.  ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE ADOPTION FEE.
We transport across the United States.
Medical records will come with each dog at the time of adoption.
Our organization is run by volunteers/foster parents, please be patient to give us time to respond to your emails and/or phone calls.  We will reply to you.  Thank you.