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American Staffordshire Terrier, Mixed
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Sarabi is a beautiful girl who has been in rescue far too long.  She is not a perfect young lady, however, I know she is perfect for someone. Hello, my name is Sarabi.  My foster momma named me that because she says I am a beautiful Queen (even though she picked me up from the local pound when I was only 6 months old). I have been in foster for a long time... my foster momma loves me lots and I love her.  I was diagnosed when I was just over a year old as having congenital luxating patellas.  Basically my knees weren't working properly and that caused a cruciate ligament tear to both of my back legs.  I have had successful surgeries to both and have fully recuperated. My legs work well for walks and play, but like humans who have surgeries like this, I have arthritis in both and just need some supplements and sometimes some medicine for swelling and pain (not very much). I love my humans so much that I do not want to share them with any other pet.  I want them and their space to myself.  I am reactive towards other dogs, comes off as aggression, but I truly want to play.  My foster mommy can take me on walks with other dogs because I can redirect pretty well at her command and we stay at a little distance. I cannot live with any other animal though, or go to dog parks, or socialize with other dogs at public or private places.  I need my humans to love me as much as I love them. I like to bark at squirrels and cats. I am loving to every human.  My foster momma says that I am too happy!  I do jump on people and when really excited I do mouth.  Small kids may get hurt around me, but I wouldn't mean to.  I would love to be with people who will make me feel like their very own.  I love to walk, play in the yard with my jolly ball toys (and momma), and to lounge on my Kuranda bed while mom does yard work.  Don't start the mower thingy or the weed whipper thing with me in the yard though... they drive me bezerk! When you leave for work, I must be put in my kennel.  Don't be sad, it is to keep me safe and to make sure that I don't get into anything you dont want me to.  I am good in there... and when you get home, I will be soooooo happy to see you!  I have other stuff I know I should write, but momma says to take a break cuz the tears keep coming.  Please do NOT put in an application for me unless you can promise no other animals, and no little children can live with me.  Please also know that I will need a yard with a fence... must be fully fenced.  It is so I cannot get out and hurt any other animal... please promise to keep me safe and loved forever!  That is the most important of all. Submit an adoption application on our website    


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