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In shelter Dog

Tyler, Smith County, Texas, United St...
Pet name:
Australian Shepherd, Mixed
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Coat length:
Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.Posted 12/2/17, and pictures taken on 9/1/17.  Dahlia was transferred to me on 8/31/17 from the Rebel Ranch Rescue after the founder, Amy Allen, was murdered on 8/21/17.  Dahlia was one of 4 dogs still there that other rescue groups chose not to take.  She was scared and tried to chew the leash the first attempt to get her out of her dog pen, so a second leash was used as a muzzle.  She was also hiding in a hole under her dog house.  She had a male dog in the dog pen with her named Artie, who seemed to be attached to her.
After being in a dog pen for about one week.  I decided to start letting Dahlia and Artie out to run, and they would chase each other around and then run back into the dog pen when done.  Dahlia also LOVES to get in water.  After another week of this, I decided to leave the gate open all the time.  They eventually moved to another section of our property.  Dahlia started climbing our 4 foot perimeter fence and running around the wooded area, but Artie has stayed on our property and made friends with the other dogs here, so he is not as attached to Dahlia as I first thought.  Dahlia got to where she came up to me to get pet, so it was easy to catch her when she was outside our property.  I put her in a small secure kennel at first with some can food, so she knew that going in that kennel meant can food when I needed to catch her again.  I now have her in a secure 6 foot tall dog pen.  She first found a way out through the chain link on top by getting on top of a dog house, but the chain link is now secure to the railing.  She needs a lot of space to run with a tall secure fence, and a source of water to get into.  It would be nice if she could get a job to do, since she is very trainable, and it might help keep her at a home.
Dahlia was already spayed when transferred, and heartworm negative on 9/1/17.D.O.B.:     ? August 2013Weight:     47.6 - 9/1/17
$25 adoption fee.