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Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
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Meet Macy! This sweet Beagle girl was found running as a stray and taken in by a Good Samaritan. While we don't know Macy's history, she came into rescue overweight, which means she had access to food. She was also heartworm positive, so she probably was an outside dog, isolated from meeting new people and experiencing the larger world around her. She's timid and fearful of sudden or loud noises, and would do best in a calm home environment. Macy is a very, very sweet pup that needs a patient owner who will give her time to trust and connect.

This pretty girl was fostered in SC with another Beagle and a cat and does great with other animals. She loves having a pup buddy and is kind to the kitties. Her foster mom describes Macy as a very sweet and docile dog. She's submissive around people, rarely barks and prefers to blend in. She was pretty guarded at first, and might drop to her belly when you approached her. It takes time for her to feel at ease, but her tail will wag with joy when she's exploring the backyard, and you can tell that's where she's in her element. We feel another confident, social dog in the home would benefit Macy, as well as a home with a fenced yard for her to explore.

Macy is crate trained and loves to take naps in her crate. She sleeps with her foster mom in bed at night and doesn’t budge all night long. She knows to go potty outside, and has learned how to use the doggy door in her foster home, so she doesn’t have accidents. She should still be monitored in the house if she does not have easy access outside until she gets into a routine. She learns quickly and has already picked up leash walking and walks well with no pulling.

Macy's favorite thing in the world is food and it shows as she’s a bit thick around the middle. She is hesitant around people unless food is in the mix, and then she becomes very engaged.. She has NO guarding issues and shares treats and toys well with her animal friends; she just has a passion for food. She also loves soft surfaces and curling up with a fluffy blanket.  

We are looking for a calm, adult-only or older-kid family for Macy and will prioritize families who have another social dog in the home.  She requires a patient owner who understands that she needs time to connect with people, and does not expect wiggles and kisses at the first meetup.
We can't wait to see a more joyful Macy emerge as she settles into her new life and know the right family is out there waiting for this special girl.

Priority will be given to...

Home with fenced yard

Quiet/calm home environment

Another social dog in the home (any age or size)


​FOSTER UPDATE - 7/8/21 

Macey woke up in the best mood this morning. Her tail was just wagging while I was getting dressed and preparing her breakfast. She's come so far with her confidence. She's walking with tail up. In bed, she'll snuggle up against my legs and if I'm petting her and stop she'll move closer to my hand. Overall, she's just more assertive.



GENDER: Female
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: 27 lbs (a few pounds overweight)
APPROXIMATE AGE: ~ 3 years old
OTHER INFO: utd on shots/spayed/microchipped/treated for heartworm
LOCATION: Sterling, VA


FOR MORE INFO OR TO ADOPT: Please go to and complete the application.

You can also help save dogs like this one by becoming a foster, providing a rescue dog with a temporary home and giving them the love and care they need until they are permanently adopted. Every person who fosters is directly responsible for saving the life of a dog, because we can only save as many dogs as we have foster families available to welcome them into their homes. If you think you might be interested in becoming a foster and want to learn more, please go to and fill out an application.

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