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Maggie Mae   

In shelter Dog

Canton, Hartford County, Connecticut,...
Pet name:
Maggie Mae
Beagle, Terrier, Mixed
Miss Maggie Mae is one adorable pup.  Her long floppy ears, short legs and big brown eyes make her a ""standout"" in the looks department.  She is a show stopper on every level.  Maggie Mae has the most endearing personality that you will ever find.  She is a gentle natured gal looking for love.  She is a 4 year old beagle mix, weighing around 35 pounds.  Maggie Mae came into rescue as a stray.  Her past is unknown but what we do know is that she has a bright future ahead of her.  She is shy and reserved when meeting new people and when in new surroundings.  She has come a long way since being found but she will need the continued patience, TLC and guidance from her family to bring her across the finish line where she will be a confident girl in any environment.  Trust comes with time but what also helps to build up her confidence is when she is around more confident dogs.  She becomes comfortable and follows their lead.  She has not be introduced to young kids or cats.  She does enjoy running and playing with other dogs.  A fenced in yard will give her freedom to do just that.  Other alternatives can be a dog park or doggy daycare so she can meet and play with dogs in a secure setting.  She is happy when going for walks.  Maggie Mae will take the full opportunity to explore her surroundings with lots of smells, sights and sounds to become familiar with.  She is learning her leash walking skills so practice is the best way to accomplish success.  She is also working on her house and crate training.  She will need the continued guidance and patience from her family to help see her through her training.  Maggie knows she can do it and will put in her best effort.Maggie Mae will be a joy to care for and once she is comfortable, she turns into a lovebug.  Love this girl up night and day and she will be in her glory.  Her family will be overjoyed to have her in their lives and she will be a loving addition in return. Maggie Mae's adoption fee is $450. That includes the cost of spaying/neutering, up to date vaccinations, foster care, rescue, and transport fees. To get the ball rolling, head over to our Adoption Application and submit your application today. A Dog Star representative will contact you within 24 hours. To help speed up the process, contact your vet and give them permission to speak with us.If you do not get a response within 24  hours, check your spam folder.


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