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Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
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Some pets are in the Shelter and others in Foster homes.  Scroll thru description for preferred contact info!!  Additionally for CATS you  may email  and for DOGS, email          Winter is a fabulous, gorgeous, well behaved 1 year old border/Pyrenees mix looking for a family to love and adore her. If you have a cat, she would also be a perfect fit. She is a quirky girl who loves to play with her toys all by herself, she likes to go into the bathtub and hang out, she loves getting her face and ears rubbed, and although she would be better as an only dog, she adores running around with other dogs at the dog park.  She loves going to the dog park and chasing the other dogs. Winters would do best as an only dog because she is possessive of her toys and food in the home. So while she is a great dog park dog, she prefers to be your only dog. She is great and respectful with cats, so a cat or two in the home would would be a good fit. With people she is a joy.  She loves it when someone comes to the front door.  She does need for her excitement to be a little more toned down, but she calms soon with some patience.  She’s still a puppy!!  She is very well behaved.  She knows how to sit and knows to wait to eat her dinner until she gets the release command. She will sit for minutes looking at you and her food waiting very patiently for the command.  She is such a good girl.  She also will stay in the car until she gets the release command.  She is very respectful of humans.  She will let you take anything out of her mouth other than rawhide.  Her adoration of rawhide is a little too high, hence no more rawhide!   She is a sweet and loving girl.  She enjoys hanging out on the couch watching tv (well she is actually chewing on her Nyla bone), but she does love to be close to you.  She also enjoys a game of catch in the house.  She is just so well behaved.  If you give her a treat, she takes it with such a gentle mouth.  She slowly grabs the treat with her teeth very slowly and gently.  It’s like watching a dog take a treat in slow motion.  She is a doll.She is PERFECT with her housebreaking.  She has never had an accident, always goes outside.  Simply perfect.  Her foster mom has taught her how to ‘go potty’ on command.  Yes, REALLY.  If she seems hesitant to do her business, she has a command, and it always works.  She spends the nights in her kennel and when her foster mom is out of the house, she is always in the kennel.  She will go in the kennel reluctantly, but always enjoys a peanut butter filled bone while she is in there.As a Trinity GAP adopter, you can take advantage of free dog obedience classes and she would do very well with some classes because she truly wants to please you.  She will be an easy dog to train. Since she is scared of loud noises or big things, training would be great for her and help her adjust to loud noises on walks. Again, a large yard or being driven to the dog park are great for this girl.  She is good on a leash as long as it is not a busy street with loud noises or motorcycles which make her pull to get away. Because of her size (she is over 70 pounds) she would be better in a home with older kids.  If you have a family with older kids, a nice yard, a high energy, loving family and are looking for a perfect and beautiful family dog, this is your girl!!  


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