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Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota,...
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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Zoey joined the rescue a little over a week ago and we are getting to know her.  She got all checked over at the vet clinic then moved to her Illinois foster home where she is working on getting comfortable with all of the new sights, smells and activity.  She is a super sweet girl who is very loving to all humans that she meets.  Due to her age and deafness. we will require that Zoey go to a family with older/dog savvy children.  She has also not done well when meeting other four-legged friends, so a home with no other pets will likely be her happy place.  9/5 UPDATED FROM ZOEY'S FOSTER MOM:  Zoey is the epitome of sweet.  She's loving and loyal, cuddly, gentle and utterly adorable. She is not aggressive or angry whatsoever; she's assertive.  We've handled her while she's eating, sleeping, playing, and  relaxing, and she's nonplussed.  We've touched her paws, face and 2 small growths and she doesn't flinch.  We've brushed her teeth, snuck Benedryl into cheese without her spitting anything out (for a reaction to CBH oil), and she even handled a bee sting on her paw with grace. She's not obsessed with her dog food but she eats her 2 meals when she's ready; watch out if you have hard boiled eggs, chicken and CHEESE.  She has playful moments, and those usually consist of her zooming around for a couple of minutes a day or grabbing a toy to have thrown and chase down.  She does fine with baths and car rides.  What she loves more than anything are her humans: her family.  She has slept in bed with her adult humans for her entire life, so she would have it no other way in her foster home (she is stubborn and her human fosters need sleep).  She does make for a great snooze buddy, though, and has manners: she is neither a bed-hog NOR a snorer.  She's potty trained and will sit by the door when she needs to go out, however, she has a schedule and typically doesn't ask for extra trips outside of that.  She will always poop on her walks, sometimes 2-3 full loads, so have bags on hand!  She does have a little extra pull on the leash, but it seems like correcting with food (human treats, not dog treats) will get her to a slack lead. Zoey does have some quirks, and nearly all of them are most likely a result of her being deaf. She reacts with barking and running towards people approaching the house (and sometimes a large truck driving past), probably because she overcompensates for not hearing and assumes these people need a warning from her. She will trot happily into her crate and even naps with the door open at times, but only when one of her humans are in the room. She'll even lie down and sleep with the door closed sometimes, as long as someone is near. If she's left in her crate and there is nobody in her sights, she panics and escapes, sometimes getting hurt in the process.  She probably needs to have her humans near so she feels safe and panics when they are not near. She needs to be crated when humans are not home because the panic drives her to be destructive and potentially hurt herself also. She would not do well in a house with kids younger than teenagers, and she'd be the best dog family member to a home without other pets, as she has a strong prey drive (squirrels, cats, pet birds, pet guinea pig) and becomes defensive around other dogs.  Ideally she'd be a long-distance truck driver's ultimate companion or in a family when at least one person is always home. Future homes will need to continue to work with Zoey on feeling safe in her crate when her people are gone and redirecting her focus from what she's barking at to themselves for reassurance. What Zoey isn't great with are outweighed by the positives ten-fold.Zoey Boxer: Silly (she needs to have a toy or something in her mouth when she greets you, so she'll search for something while bent in half, or kidney beaning). Sweet (she is a cuddly, snuggly, gentle love who also LOVES giving kisses, even to the air if you hold her back--file that under silly, too). Smart. (She knows the signs for sit, stay, come, no, and good girl. She goes right into a sit when a treat is pulled out. She learned our routines in our house immediately and adapted quickly). Sassy. (she has fun with bursts of fetch and zoomies and will nudge you a bit with her face to get you to play if she's ready and you're not). Sleepy. (She loves to snooze and cuddle for naps and also sleeps through the night...yes, I'm a mom to a human, too, so this still means a lot to me). Stylish. (she has sweaters for the winter AND she has a heart-shaped spot on her nose .


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